Biologically active products for your life

In every moment of our life, through diet, breathing and general activity, our body absorbs organic and inorganic particles, dust, mites, parasites and various types of mould.

Given the worsening environment in which we live and the daily stress we experience, the various organs of our body are on constant alert to eliminate these harmful toxins that are slowly and surely killing our body and thus shortening our active life. The protective barrier that fights with foreign elements is called the immune system. The most important thing is to keep this unique defence system in the best possible condition and strengthen it through good diet, healthcare, exercise, rest and meditation. We can significantly help our immune system by supplying it with vitamins, herbs and other minerals. These are all ingredients that our body needs to cope well in fighting against toxins and other triggers of Apoptosis that threaten our health. That is why NATURAMEDICIN has put together six essential biologically active dietary supplements made up of herbs from all over the world to quickly and specifically help the immune system restore a healthy balance in the human body.

We draw from four directions that shape and influence us in the cycles of our being, rebirth and destruction:


Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The basic components that Ancient philosophy and science, and later alchemy and esotericism, understood as the basic components of the world.


Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, Sound. The senses affect us from the time we are born. They allow us to perceive our surroundings, what we eat, how we develop, what we perceive and shape us as a person.


currently have a significant impact on our health. The elements include Diet, Mental State, Environment, Disease Susceptibility, Genetics.


are among the basic building blocks of Chinese medicine, the Elements include Tree (Wood), Earth, Water, Fire and Metal.

We have called this set of four directions the Tree of Life. As humans begin to colonise Mars and other planets, other influences that will affect human health will be defined. Always the most effective medicines and dietary supplements will be made up of herbs and other plants given to us by Mother Earth.

The motto:    ,,The truth about nature is stronger and will stand on its own”

                                                                                                      Albert Einstein

Our products are biologically active dietary supplements


Detoxification of the organism

INETHAN helps our body to cleanse and detoxify. In the language of the Zulu people it means CLEAN.

The element assigned to it is AIR, the sense is SMELL, the element is the TREE (wood) and the factor is the ENVIRONMENT.

INETHAN is a dietary supplement that significantly helps our body to fight toxins. Our ancestors used various herbs and practices to cleanse the body. They have used combinations of different methods for thousands of years. They were most successful in observing fasting and chewing or drinking various herbs given to them by nature.

Our product is composed only of herbs that are formulated to assist our body in cleansing itself of toxins. The goal of detoxification of the body is to cleanse the body, relieve all harmful substances, cleanse the different organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines. It helps to harmonise the whole body, individual energy centres and increase the energy in the human body.

SHAYA - for women

Regeneration of life energy

After the first detoxification phase, it is necessary to start the harmonisation of the whole body and the regeneration of vital processes in the body. Since the needs of men and women differ, we have divided this phase according to genetic dispositions.

SHAYA is for women and means WOMAN in the language of the Zulu people.

The elements assigned to it is EARTH, the sense is TOUCH and the factor is MENTAL STATE.

Today, women are under constant stress and there is constant pressure on them both in their jobs and in raising children and looking after their family. That is why our company has developed a dietary supplement, which helps women to manage stressful situations that are reflected in their state of health. At the same time, SHAYA can help to regenerate women’s organs, especially during the menopause.

DELWEX - for men

Regeneration of life energy

After the first detoxification phase, it is necessary to start the harmonisation of the whole body and the regeneration of vital processes in the body. Since the needs of men and women differ, we have divided this phase according to genetic dispositions.

DELWEX is for men. The name of the product is a combination of several words of the Zulu language.

The element assigned to it is WATER, the sense is SOUND and the factor is DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY.

DELWEX is an original product for men. It helps men to regenerate the body, with special focus on the urogenital tract, which, due to stress, is often significantly weakened, whereby the man loses confidence and falls into despair. The herbs contained in the dietary supplement are formulated to help men regenerate the entire urogenital tract.


Increase immunity

EQINIL helps to increase immunity and means STRONG in the Zulu language.

The element assigned to it is FIRE, the sense is SIGHT and the factor is GENETICS.

The human immune system provides protection for the human body against various parasitic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasitic worms and other organisms constantly attacking our body. Man’s behaviour does not make it any easier for his immune system. He eats unhealthy food, moves in toxic environments all over the World, meets other people who have various diseases, and our body’s immune system reacts to everything. Our biologically active dietary supplement EQUINIL is composed of herbs that can strengthen a person’s immune system. It protects the bacteria that live in symbiosis with our body and significantly helps to regulate the body’s processes so that it can create a strong protective shield against viruses, bacteria and mould.


Weight stabilization

FUBAMEX helps to kick-start metabolism and regulate weight. The name of the product is a combination of several words of the Zulu language.

The element assigned to it is METAL, the sense is TASTE and the factor is DIET.

A constant topic for both women and men. How to regulate body weight. The fundamental reason why our weight keeps going up is stress, diet composition and our body’s stagnant metabolic system.

People often make the mistake of going hungry and when they reach the desired weight, they make the fatal mistake of eating whatever they think of and within a few short weeks they are back to their original weight, and what is more they have even gained a few extra unwanted pounds. To avoid this yo-yo effect, our biologically active dietary supplement FUBAMEX together with an altered diet, and keeping to a drinking regimen, will help you to reach the desired outcome.


Mental balance, positive mood, energy

INYANGA, which brings about mental wellbeing. In the language of the Zulu people it has several meanings HEALER, LUNA, MOON.

The element assigned to it is the ruler of all elements which is energy Chi, the sense is INTUITION and the factor is CREATION.

In the Czech language INYANGA means medicine man, Spirit and the wind. This product, in its composition, significantly helps a person to calm his psyche and instil balance in the entire body.

INYANGA supports the mental and physical state, increases the body’s resistance to external influences. Leuzea contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, helps to maintain mental health. Ginseng promotes vitality, gives energy, counteracts fatigue, stimulates brain and mental function. Milkvetch acts as an adaptogen, promotes mental and physical wellbeing, increases the body’s resistance to external influences. Dandelion promotes digestion, stimulates appetite. Tribulus terrestris contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, promotes hormonal activity, provides energy. Saffron helps maintain mental wellbeing, a positive mood, facilitates mental relaxation and relaxation.

It took almost 30 years for Bohuslav Větrovský to transform his knowledge and experience in the field of natural and herbal medicine into high quality dietary supplements.

Many years of observing people’s health problems led him to search for the triggers of particular diseases and he came to realise that it is a confluence of effects which cause changes in our body that trigger health problems.


He used all his knowledge to the benefit of NATURAMEDICIN, which began to produce dietary supplements based on the recipes of Bohuslav Vetrovsky. So let’s take a look at the world of herbs used to make these dietary supplements…


The individual ingredients are the best that can be obtained on the global market.

Our mission, our values and our vision determine the philosophy and direction in which we want to take our company. They express our approach to our clients, to our partners and to ourselves.

Ethics, Humanity, Enthusiasm, Courage and Honesty are the basic pillars of our philosophy of life.  We know how to listen, we enjoy our work and we are pleased with the satisfaction of our customers.

We do business fairly, we deal openly, we keep our promises and agreements.

Bohuslav Větrovský Expert consultant in natural medicine for NATURAMEDICIN SE and a member of the Board of Directors