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How to purchase

Here you will find information on how to find the products you want on, how to add products to your basket and how to proceed with the order.

How to search for products

At we sell 6 different dietary supplements - INETHAN, EQINIL, SHAYA, DELWEX, FUBAMEX and INYANGA. In addition, we offer users the possibility to register as a member of the Club NATURAMEDICIN by purchasing a Club Membership.

Individual food supplements can be found in:

  1. On the home page
  2. In the main navigation - top right, under the "Products" tab. Go to "Products" and the individual supplements will be displayed for you to click on.
  3. On the individual product pages:
    1. INETHAN
    2. EQINIL
    3. SHAYA
    4. DELWEX
    5. FUBAMEX
    6. INYANGA

Club membership can be found at:

  1. In the top right bar: scroll all the way up, and in the top right bar you will find links for club members. Click on "Club Membership" to be redirected to the Club Membership product page.
  2. In the main navigation - top right, under the "Products" tab. Scroll to "Products" and the Club Membership will be displayed for you to click through.
  3. On the product page


How to add items to your cart

You must add individual products to your cart before purchasing. The cart contains all the products you have added to it and which you are about to order.

You can add products to your cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button, which can be found next to each product, both on the home page and on the product pages (see previous section).

After adding any product to your cart, you will see a confirmation that the products have been added to your cart. In the main navigation, on the top right, you will see a change in the number of products in your cart. Clicking on the basket icon on the top right will show you the contents of the basket with the option to go to the basket page or checkout to order (see following sections).

On the cart page you will then find:

  1. The contents of your cart, where you can remove or edit the number of products added
  2. Option to redeem a coupon for a discount (if a product is currently on sale)
  3. A summary of product prices and VAT
  4. A "Go to checkout" button that will redirect you to the checkout page where you can create an order

How to order products

On the checkout page you can order the products you have in your basket. If you do not have any products in your cart, you will see a notification that your cart is empty.

At the checkout, as well as at the cart, you have the option to enter a discount coupon if there is an ongoing promotion on any of the products. This is not a mandatory step to create an order.

The following is an option for club members to simply fill in their order form. Enter your email and follow the instructions. If you are already a registered member of the club, all the details will automatically be entered into the form. This is not a mandatory step to create an order.

This is followed by the order form itself, which consists of 3 steps.

Step 1 - Billing and delivery details. In this step, enter your details that you would like to have on the invoice. If you are purchasing on behalf of a company, tick "Purchase on behalf of a company?" under the "First name" and "Last name" fields. If you wish to have your order delivered to an address other than the billing address, then tick "Deliver to another address?" and fill in the delivery details.

Step 2 - Select Shipping. In this step, select the shipping option. The shipping options will update according to the address where the order will be delivered. In the case of the Parcel Service, you must select the branch to send the parcel.

Step 3 - Choosing a payment method. In this step you will select the payment method and enter the payment details.

After completing the form, you must agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions".

To complete your order, click on the "ORDER" button. If the form contains errors, you will see a red warning above the form.

If everything is in order, after a short time you will see a summary of your order and we will automatically send you an order confirmation and invoice to your email. Thank you for your purchase.

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