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The path to passive income.

NATURAMEDICIN Club is a free, non-binding association of people who use our dietary supplements to improve their health and that of their loved ones.

In addition, NATURAMEDICIN Club is also a physical place in Prague where Club members meet and organize interesting seminars and other cultural and social events.

It is not an MLM sales system.  Club membership is basically free enterprise.

Benefits of Club membership

Our Club provides its members with:

- the opportunity to ensure financial independence through the sale of our products and the registration of new members of NATURAMEDICIN Club,

- the opportunity to participate in interesting seminars and social and cultural events that we organize for our Club members and their family members. We are also preparing interesting competitions with valuable prizes.

How to become a Club member

By purchasing a Club Membership you become a member of NATURAMEDICIN Club.

After you order your membership, you will receive a package - shipment, according to your chosen transport. The package contains, in addition to our promotional items, one package of detoxifying dietary supplement from the Tree of Life line - INETHAN. The first product for a three-month healing cure, followed by other products.

All registered Club members get, besides their Account, also their own virtual office - BACKOFFICE - a web application where you can register new members - customers, track all purchases in your registered line, keep track of your registered structure below and keep track of your monthly commissions.

Find out more information on Club membership here.


Based on your location, price including VAT is: 617,10 
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