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About us

Who we are

NATURAMEDICIN SE, is an international company and its mission is to improve the lives of all people.

It was founded so that we in the company could dedicate ourselves to the production of food supplements, based on our own formulas and in-depth experience with herbs from all over the world.

The more people that follow the principles of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the healthier and happier people will be.

Our company, with its quality nutritional supplements, significantly helps people to lead a healthier life.

What we want

We want to help people improve their lives. We respect all people without distinction.

We protect natural resources and honour the legacy of our ancestors and the society in which we live.

We are a trusted and stable partner for our business partners.

We always look at our business with a long-term vision, inspiring everyone to find the strength and energy within themselves to turn their dreams and plans into reality.

What we plan

We have already succeeded in developing and producing our first line of dietary supplements, which we have named the TREE OF LIFE.

These products can significantly help our body to regenerate, gain vitality and improve the quality of life.

We are already preparing another line of dietary supplements and we are also developing a cosmetic line for men and women.

We communicate with foreign partners to develop and produce special vitamin kits which, together with our dietary supplements, will significantly help to regenerate your body.

Bohuslav Vetrovsky, a healer and mystic, is behind the idea to create dietary supplements that correspond to all the principles of energy balance.

It took nearly thirty years to transform his knowledge and experience of natural and herbal medicine into quality dietary supplements. He said the following about the newly developed dietary supplements: “If one uses herbs to help restore one’s strength and health, one must use them for a long time in order for them to have an effect on one’s health. Therefore, our dietary supplements contain 180 capsules, which is a dose for three months of use. People often put away herbs and use chemical medicines which provide really quick and effective relief. Unfortunately, this does not make the immune system happy. Herbs have a slow and long-term effect.”

Long-term observation of people’s health problems led him to look for triggers of particular diseases and he came to realise that it is a confluence of effects which cause changes in our body that trigger1 Apoptosis. Above all, we must realise that everything around us, even ourselves, is energetic in nature. It is merely a ripple (vibration) in a given time and space. Everything is a movement of molecules, protons and neutrons. Disease is therefore an energy disturbance. It is conventional physics. But it is important to convey that the origin of this disturbance is always in our psyche.

Our herbal products contain adaptogenic plants and mushrooms that have been known in traditional Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda.

We now present a few plants that increase the body’s resistance, through the action of a wide range of physical, chemical and biochemical factors.

Panax ginseng, Ginseng, Chinese Schisandra, Maral root, milkvetch, Chinese wolfberry and other plants that help to increase the body’s resistance to stressful situations such as injury, anxiety or physical fatigue. Among mushrooms, we mention, for example, Ganoderma lucidum and Caterpillar fungus.

Adaptogenic plants and mushrooms are unique compared to other substances in their ability to help balance hormones and the immune system. They help the body maintain optimal homeostasis. In India and China, they are also called rejuvenating plants, plants of immortality, or body energy-boosting substances. There are a whole variety of plants and fungi that aspire to being described as adaptogenic, but which have not been sufficiently investigated, so we can only refer to them as potential, probable adaptogens. These plants and mushrooms are now undergoing scientific investigation.

Teams of physicians and scientists around the world are investigating these natural adaptogens, whether they are plants, fungi or minerals, from which they extract very potent substances that are subject to rigorous clinical scientific research. In the end a medicine is developed which has essential properties for the treatment of various diseases.

The individual ingredients are the best that can be secured in the global market. We have all the necessary certificates for each ingredient and the production is sourced from the world’s leading dietary supplement manufacturers. Our products are packaged in capsules that contain no animal components and can be taken by people of all faiths and those on a vegetarian diet.

Bohuslav Vetrovsky's motto is:

"I looked into the face of the Devil, but I also saw God. And this gives me the strength to go forward. I humbly give thanks in my spirit for all the evil I have experienced. I understand how much it has moved me forward. I understand what I have always felt somewhere inside - that my true calling is to help people through my abilities," he says.

~ Bohuslav Větrovský
Expert consultant in natural medicine and member of the board of directors


"Meditation is a fundamental way of calming our mind and body. This way we calm all energies that surround us and flow through us."

~ Bohuslav Větrovský
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