About us

Who we are

NATURAMEDICIN SE, is an international company and its mission is to improve the lives of all people. It was founded so that we in the company could dedicate ourselves to the production of dietary supplements, based on our own formulas and in-depth experience with herbs from all over the world. The more people that follow the principles of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the healthier and happier people will be. Our company, with its quality nutritional supplements, significantly helps people to lead a healthier life.

What we want

We want to help people improve their lives. We respect all people without distinction. We protect natural resources and honour the legacy of our ancestors and the society in which we live. We are a trusted and stable partner for our business partners. We always look at our business with a long-term vision, inspiring everyone to find the strength and energy within themselves to turn their dreams and plans into reality.

What we plan

We have already succeeded in developing and producing our first line of dietary supplements, which we have named the TREE OF LIFE. These products can significantly help our body to regenerate, gain vitality and improve the quality of life. We are already preparing another line of dietary supplements and we are also developing a cosmetic line for men and women. We communicate with foreign partners to develop and produce special vitamin kits which, together with our dietary supplements, will significantly help to regenerate your body.

"I looked into the face of the Devil, but I also saw God. And this gives me the strength to go forward. I humbly give thanks in my spirit for all the evil I have experienced. I understand how much it has moved me forward. I understand what I have always felt somewhere inside - that my true calling is to help people through my abilities."

~ Bohuslav Větrovský


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