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SHAYA: Three-month organism regeneration for women

Work, family and long-term health problems often result in a worsening lifestyle, which then worsens your health even more in a vicious circle. This leads to increasing stress, the consequences of which we treat more often than its causes.

Women, and especially women with a family and a career or school, are under constant pressure, which has a negative impact on their health, and then also on their family and professional life.

We have already written about the regeneration of the organism on this blog. It is a process where the cells in our body are renewed, the mind is cleansed of stress and diseases are prevented.

However, the ability of the organism to regenerate is not absolute. We must help the organism to be able to renew itself.

One way to support your body's recovery is to reduce your chronic stress. Another way is to get more sleep.

But it is best to combine all methods and enhance your diet with the right food supplements.

Our natural dietary supplement SHAYA is intended for women, and during the next 3 months it will help you regenerate your organism and return energy to your life.

A three-month treatment to restore life force to the organism

SHAYA is a regenerative dietary supplement. It is made entirely of natural ingredients, so it is a completely natural way to restore energy to your body.

SHAYA helps to manage stressful situations and supports the regeneration of female organs, especially during the transition period. It does so over the course of three months, when SHAYA needs to be taken two capsules a day.

This three-month treatment, along with lifestyle improvements, results in regulation of chronic stress, stimulation of sexual function and reduction of fatigue.

Give your body enough time to recover. A quick solution is not permanent - for a real change in the organism, you need to change your habits and diet.

How does SHAYA help regenerate the organism?

SHAYA is a unique blend of herbs in a package of 180 capsules for 3 months of use.

SHAYA is composed of ingredients that are precisely and effectively dosed so that they support each other and help you regenerate your organism over the course of three months.

List of ingredients in the SHAYA dietary supplement:

  • Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) is the first ingredient in SHAYA. It is a medicinal mushroom that supports blood circulation and natural immune defense.
  • Ginseng is the most powerful medicinal herb in the Asian medicine and is a very important ingredient in SHAYA. It helps to maintain sexual activity, supports vitality, gives the body energy. Ginseng stimulates the immune system and the body's resistance. It helps maintain mental performance, helps with fatigue and exhaustion, stimulates physical performance and sexual functions. It contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
  • Nettle helps maintain the normal condition of the heart and blood vessels, supports the quality of the skin, reduces the occurrence of dandruff.
  • Ginger works against fatigue.
  • Tribulus terrestris is a component of many food supplements in our Tree of Life product line. It encourages sexual activity. It contributes to blood purification, has a beneficial effect on immunity, the respiratory system, gums and skin.
  • Angelica has a positive effect on female organs.
  • Cetraria islandica has a beneficial effect on the health of female genitals, supports the function of the immune system.
  • Potentilla helps maintain comfort before and during the menstrual cycle.
  • Pepper (capsaicin) supports normal hair growth, helps to lose weight.
  • Nigella sativa (black cumin) helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Juniper strengthens the body's physiological resistance.
  • The recipe is supplemented with extracts from the nutritionally valuable fruits Euterpe (acai berry) and Aristotelia (maqui berry).

Of all the food supplements from the Tree of Life series, SHAYA contains the most different ingredients. It is a really powerful dietary supplement that has already helped many women to live a happier life.

In conclusion

Our three-month regenerative treatment in the form of a natural food supplement SHAYA will help you restore lost energy to your body and eliminate long-term stress. Family and professional challenges will then be easier for you to solve.

For more information, you can watch our video about this dietary supplement:

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Our natural food supplement SHAYA is intended for women. It helps them reverse the impact of stress on women's organs and overall health.

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