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INYANGA: Three-month regeneration of the psyche, calming of the mind and suppression of stress

All of us have been under a lot of stress at work and at home. Often we reach for tranquilizers. Gradually, we become addicted to these medications and suddenly find that we have another, much bigger problem than stress.

Many people, and unfortunately even children, use alcohol or even various forms of drugs, leading to great problems and human misery. Women are more stressed than men and as we get older we often develop psychological disorders and illnesses. Nowadays almost every person has a psychologist or psychiatrist. Some people prefer to have a herbalist or a shaman. We go to various relaxation, meditation, or card readers. All the forms I have listed lead to stress reduction, calming the mind.

One is always looking for hope. That is what we are all looking for today - hope, and thereby reducing our fears about the future or the changes that are taking place in our personal or professional lives.

Our company has therefore developed INYANGA, a natural dietary supplement designed to induce psychological balance. It is the fifth product in the The Tree of Life line. It significantly helps a person to maintain a positive mood and psychological balance. In developing this food supplement, we ranked all the influences on our psyche and the stress of the future and economic uncertainty clearly won out.

INYANGA helps to increase the body's resistance to external influences, thus protecting our mind from the constant sources of stress and anxiety from our environment. It contains herbs that we have carefully selected and put together to have the greatest effect on calming the mind.

How does INYANGA help ?

INYANGA je složená z 8 pečlivě vybraných ingrediencí.


  • Leuzea or Parcha safflower, which is native to southern Siberia from around the Altai and Sayana mountains. It helps to refresh the body, helps to maintain mental health. The medicinal substances of this herb are contained in the root, leaves, flower bed and seeds. They mainly contain tonic substances that strengthen the central nervous system and increase mental and physical strength.
  • Ginseng, which promotes vitality, gives energy, counteracts fatigue, stimulates brain performance and mental function.
  • Astragalus. It is an important adaptogen that supports mental and physical state, increases the body's resistance to external influences.
  • Taraxacum officinale or dandelion you all know. This herb promotes digestion, stimulates appetite.
  • Tribulus is another of the adaptogens that contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, supports hormonal activity, provides energy.
  • Ganoderma Lucidum ( Reishi ) is a very powerful adaptogen that helps to reduce stress and regenerate the body.
  • Chinese caterpillar fungus is the strongest natural corticosteroid, which has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the organism.
  • Saffron, which helps to maintain mental well-being, positive mood, facilitates mental relaxation and relaxation.

These all-natural ingredients are dosed in a precise way so that together in combination they have the most intense long-term effect.


INYANGA can help you cope with difficult conditions in life. It significantly helps a person to maintain a positive mood and psychological balance, increases the body's resistance to external influences, and thus protects our mind from constant sources of stress and anxiety from our environment.

For more information, you can watch our video about this dietary supplement:

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To calm the psyche, induce mental well-being and positive mood, there is our natural food supplement INYANGA.

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