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Strengthening the immune system

EQINIL is a natural food supplement that will increase your body's defenses.

EQINIL is a natural food supplement. With long-term use, it strengthens the immune system. This is the second product in the Tree of Life series.

Our natural food supplement EQINIL supports and protects our beneficial symbiotic bacteria. This helps the processes that create a shield against viruses, bacteria and fungi in our body.

Most people today do not support their immune system enough, on the contrary, they make it difficult for it to work - they do not eat healthily, smoke, drink, move in toxic environments… EQINIL will help you build a stronger immune system that will protect you from the effects of parasitic organisms.

Each package contains 180 capsules for 3 months of use.
160,00 €
Price without VAT.
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"EQINIL" in the language of the Zulu tribe means STRONG.

From the natural elements and the elements it belongs to FIRE and from the senses to VISION, from the factors to GENETICS.

Our food supplements are FDA and TÜV certified
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Ďakujem Naturamedicine! Mne sa deje zázrak, po 20 rokoch liečby na imunológii som konečne nepočúvala od doktorky/imunologičky žiadne ďalšie nové diagnózy, ale naopak. Všetky moje alergie "zmizli", ĎAKUJEM!!! Mala som ťažkú alergiu na trávy, pele, roztoče, mačky, potravinové alergie, každú chvíľu na pohotovosti, hroziaca astma, atď. Skúsila som Naturamedicine, ako ďalší z mojich "pokusov". Zaujalo ma, že ide o čistý bylinný produkt, ktorý môžem brať aj popri liekoch. Užívala som Inethan, potom Eqinil, teraz objednávam Shayu. Už Inethan mi pomohol k lepšiemu zdraviu, v tom období som bola na imunolódii na testoch, teraz beriem Equinil, ĎAKUJEM! Budem pokračovať s celou radou. Keďže som sledovaná u lekárky, sama som zvedavá na ďalšie kontroly a výsledky. Budeme môcť dať spätnú väzbu aj o pár mesiacov.
Želám veľa spokojných zákazníkov. Lieky už vďaka vám neberiem.

Thank you Naturamedicine! A miracle is happening to me, after 20 years of immunology treatment, I finally did not hear any other new diagnoses from the doctor/immunologist, but the opposite. All my allergies "disappeared", THANK YOU!!! I had severe allergies to grasses, pollen, dust mites, cats, food allergies, in the emergency room at any moment, impending asthma, etc. I tried Naturamedicine, as another of my "experiments". I was impressed that it is a pure herbal product that I can take alongside medication. I used Inethan, then Eqinil, now I ordered Shaya. Inethan already helped me to better health, during that period I was on immunology for tests, now I take Equinil, THANK YOU! I will continue with the whole board. Since I am being monitored by a doctor, I myself am curious about further checks and results. We will be able to give feedback even in a few months.
I wish many satisfied customers. Thanks to you, I no longer take my medication.

Petr V. Brno

Koupil jsem si balení Eqinilu, měl jsem dlouhodobé problémy se záněty v ramenech. Cítím výrazné zlepšení, a proto jsem se rozhodl koupit další. Petr V. Brno

I bought a pack of Eqinil, I had long term problems with inflammation in my shoulders. I feel a significant improvement, so I decided to buy another one. Petr V. Brno

Lenka z Prahy

Mám zkušenosti s doplnky Inethan,Eqinil,Shaya.Jsem velice spokojena,zlepsila se mi plet,nehty a hlavne vlasy.Celkově citim vice energie.

I have experience with supplements Inethan, Eqinil, Shaya. I am very satisfied, my skin, nails and especially my hair have improved. Overall, I feel more energy.

Ing. Pavel Krůta

Rád bych se podělil o pozitivní zkušenosti s užíváním doplňků stravy NATURAMEDICIN. Dlouho jsem pro sebe hledal vhodné bylinné preparáty, které by měly znatelné účinky na mé zdraví.
Po INETHANu poslední měsíce užívám kombinaci EQINIL a DELWEX, EQINIL 1x ráno, DELWEX 1x večer před jídlem. Zpočátku jsem byl mírně zahleněn, asi tak po měsíci zahlenění odeznělo. Nyní se cítím více svěží a odolávám více nachlazení než v předchozí době.
Mohu opravdu doporučit.
Ing. Pavel Krůta

I would like to share my positive experience with taking NATURAMEDICIN supplements. For a long time I was looking for suitable herbal supplements that would have noticeable effects on my health.
After INETHAN for the last months I have been using a combination of EQINIL and DELWEX, EQINIL 1x in the morning, DELWEX 1x in the evening before meals. At first I had a bit of phlegm in my throat, after about a month of taking the supplements the phlegm subsided. Now I feel more fresh and I resist colds better than before.
I can truly recommend it.
Ing. Pavel Krůta

How to use EQINIL

The pack contains 180 capsules. Take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. Take the capsules before meals, drink cold, still water.


  • Verbascum (mullein) contributes to the natural defenses, helps maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Facilitates breathing, soothes irritated respiratory system.
  • Acorus Calamus (sweet flag) supports the body's resistance, contributes to the refreshment of the body, has a positive effect on the respiratory organs, and facilitates coughing.
  • Stag's-horn Clubmoss helps maintain the function of the urinary system.
  • Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) helps natural immune functions.
  • The mixture also contains the increasingly used mushroom - Cordyceps and the widely used Baikal plant Skullcap.

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EQINIL is the second dietary supplement in the Tree of Life, after INETHAN. After taking EQINIL for two months, add SHAYA if you are a woman and DELWEX if you are a man.

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