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Mental balance

To calm the psyche, induce mental well-being and positive mood, there is our natural food supplement INYANGA.

INYANGA is a natural food supplement designed for mental well-being. This is the fifth product in the Tree of Life series.

INYANGA significantly helps a person to maintain a positive mood and mental balance.

It increases the body's resistance to external influences, thus protecting our minds from the constant sources of stress and anxiety around us.

Each package contains 180 capsules for 3 months of use.
200,00 €
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"INYANGA" in the Zulu tribe language means "magician, Spirit and wind".

From the natural elements it belongs to the SPIRIT, from the elements to the ruler of all the elements, and that is the energy Chi, and from the senses to INTUITION, from the factors to CREATION.

Our food supplements are FDA and TÜV certified
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Pavla Lionová

Inyangu jsem užívala a mohu jen doporučit. Pomohla mi vnitřně se zklidnit a tak lépe odolávat každodennímu stresu./ EN - I have used Inyanga and I can only recommend it. It has helped me to calm down internally and thus better withstand daily stress.

How to use INYANGA

The pack contains 180 capsules. Take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. Take the capsules before meals, drink cold, still water.


  • Rhaponticum carthamoides (maral root) helps refresh the body and maintain mental health.
  • Ginseng promotes vitality, supplies energy, counteracts fatigue, and stimulates brain performance and mental function.
  • Astragalus acts as an adaptogen, supports mental and physical condition, and increases the body's resistance to external influences.
  • Taraxacum officinale promotes digestion, stimulates appetite.
  • Tribulus terrestris contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, supports hormonal activity, and supplies energy.
  • Crocus (saffron) helps maintain mental well-being, positive mood, and facilitates mental relaxation.

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INYANGA is the fifth and final food supplement in the Tree of Life, after FUBAMEX.

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