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Ayurveda and dietary supplements "TREE OF LIFE".

On Wednesday evening a seminar was held in Louny, at the invitation of Pavel Krůta, a member of Club NATURAMEDICIN. We met in the beautiful surroundings of the Lounské náměstí, in the Municipal Library of Louny. Everything was organized, including a small pleasant refreshment, by Mrs. Gabriela Krůtová, for which we thank her. The seminar was led by Bohuslav Větrovský, a natural medicine consultant, and the topics "Do herbs affect hormone levels in the body" and "Parapsychology" were supplemented with practical demonstrations. The meeting was held in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to other joint events organized by members of Club NATURAMEDICIN for their guests - those interested in healthy lifestyle, alternative medicine and natural food supplements.
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VII Symposium of Alternative Medicine with foreign participation

The theme of the symposium: Alternative Medicine of Today. I gladly accepted the invitation to participate in the Symposium of Alternative Medicine in Trenčianske Teplice and contributed a lecture on Parapsychology, methods and history of diagnostics. Throughout the weekend there were lectures on interesting topics. There were lecturers not only from Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic, Vietnam and Germany. The whole symposium was conducted at a very high level. On Saturday evening, the debates continued in smaller groups, according to the focus of different areas of alternative medicine. Already during the symposium we agreed that such interesting events and lectures must be continued. This event was also attended by the father of healing in the Czech Republic, Mr. František Koblasa, whom I have known for more than twenty years. The event was held in the home of the Slovak Teachers' Choir, which belongs to the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. Thank you to the Society for Alternative Medicine in Slovakia for organizing the VII. Alternative Medicine Symposium with foreign participation. We are very happy to participate in other events organized by our friends from Slovakia.  
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Herbs around us . . , part two

Seminar for members of Club NATURAMEDICIN. SWe invite our Club members to the second part of the lecture "Herbs around us". The first part was a great success with our members, so we decided that our Club members can invite their guests to this seminar. Speaker: Bohuslav Větrovský, natural medicine consultant. Herbs around us - every day we come across a lot of different herbs. Many times we have no idea how beneficial they are for our body . . . Thank you for confirming your attendance.
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Tatvy and Breath of Life. All in accordance with Ayurveda.

Today's seminar will focus on the doctrine of the Tatas. Tatvas - a treatise on Breath and Prana, which permeates everything, lives in everything. We can say that Prana is the pillar on which all worlds rest. The doctrine of the Tatas is also the doctrine of right breathing. If you are interested in this subject, this seminar is for you. Of course there will be breathing exercises.
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