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  1. The protection of personal data of the Buyer, who is a natural person, is provided by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended, and directly applicable regulations of the European Union, especially Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”).
  2. The Buyer acknowledges that the Seller, in order to fulfil the purchase agreement and the obligations set out in the terms and conditions of the online store located at naturamedicin.com, www.naturamedicin.cz, www.naturamedicin.eu and legal regulations, processes selected personal data of the Buyer: name and surname, residential address, goods delivery address, identification number, tax identification number, e-mail address, telephone number and further data concerning the payment of the goods’ purchase price (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Personal Data”).
  3. The Buyer acknowledges that he is obliged to state his Personal Data (during registration, in his user account, when ordering from the web store interface) correctly and truthfully, and that he is obliged to inform the Seller without undue delay of any change to his Personal Data.
  4. The Seller may authorise a third party to process the Buyer’s Personal Data as a processor. Apart from the persons transporting the goods, Personal Data will not be passed on to third parties by the Seller without the prior consent of the Buyer.
  5. Data processed for the purpose of fulfilling the agreement to which the Buyer is party, or which is necessary to fulfil the legal obligation (to ensure the delivery of services, processing of claims, accounting obligations, etc.) is stored for the time necessary for proper performance of the agreement, or for the period stipulated by legislation (Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, Act No. 563/1991 Coll., on Accounting, etc.), but for a maximum period of 10 years. The Personal Data of the Buyer is processed in electronic form in an automated manner and/or in printed form in a non-automated manner, depending on the type of processing. 

    The Buyer confirms that the Personal Data provided is accurate and that he has been informed that this is voluntary provision of Personal Data. The Buyer has the following rights to guarantee the protection of his Personal Data:
    • Right to information (the right to information means all the Buyer’s rights contained in Article 13 of the Regulation, in particular the Buyer’s right to know the identity and contact details of the company and to know the purpose for which the Buyer’s Personal Data is collected and processed by the company).
    • Right of access to Personal Data (right of access to Personal Data means all rights of the Buyer contained in Article 15 of the Regulation, in particular the right of the Buyer to obtain confirmation from the company whether and, if so, for what purpose the Buyer’s Personal Data is being processed).
    • Right of rectification (the right of rectification means all the rights of the Buyer contained in Article 16 of the Regulation, in particular the right to ask the company to rectify without undue delay inaccurate or incorrect Personal Data concerning the Buyer).
    • Right of erasure – to be forgotten (right of erasure means all rights of the Buyer contained in Article 17 of the Regulation, in particular the right of the Buyer to have the company erase the Buyer’s Personal Data without undue delay on the Buyer’s request, provided that the conditions laid down by the Regulation are met).
    • Right to restrict processing (the right to restrict processing means all the rights of the Buyer contained in Article 18 of the Regulation).
    • Right to data portability (the right to data portability means all the rights of the Buyer contained in Article 20 of the Regulation, in particular the right of the Buyer to obtain his Personal Data provided to the company in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format).
    • Right to object (the right to object means all the rights of the Buyer contained in Article 21 of the Regulation).
    • If the Buyer finds or believes that the Company is processing his Personal Data in breach of the Buyer’s privacy, in breach of the Regulation or in breach of the law, he may request an explanation from the Company or request that such a situation be rectified. In particular, it may be a matter of blocking, correcting, supplementing or disposing of Personal Data.
    • If the company does not arrange for rectification, the Buyer has the right to file a claim with the Office for Personal Data Protection, which acts as the supervisory authority in matters of Personal Data protection. The Buyer’s right to other means of judicial and administrative protection is not impaired.
  1. If the Buyer requests information about the processing of his Personal Data, the Seller is obliged to provide this information. The Seller has the right to demand reasonable payment for the provision of information according to the previous sentence, but not exceeding the costs necessary for the provision of information.
  2. The Buyer agrees to the sending of information related to the goods, services or business of the Seller to the Buyer’s e-mail address and consents to the sending of commercial communications by the Seller to the Buyer’s e-mail address by ticking the appropriate text box on the website. This consent may be revoked by the Buyer at any time, in writing, with notice sent to the address of the operator or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the Seller.
  3. The Buyer agrees to the storage of so-called cookies on his computer. In the event that it is possible to make a purchase on the website and fulfil the Seller’s obligations under the purchase agreement without storing so-called cookies on the Buyer’s computer, the Buyer may revoke the consent under the previous sentence at any time. A more detailed regulation of the use of cookies is contained in the Cookie Processing Policy, which is available at this link ……………………..
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