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About the Tree of Life

Tree of life is our line of food supplements based on four basic directions. Learn more in the article below.

Over millions of years, mankind has evolved and adapted to the environmental influences that have affected the human body. Within a few centuries, humans have made a huge leap forward in knowledge. The giants of science and their discoveries during the last two hundred years have brought about major changes, but also pushed us closer to self-destruction. We can treat smallpox or various types of cancer with devices that were unthinkable just twenty years ago. But at the same time, humans have developed weapons that can turn our beautiful and unique planet full of life into a desolate, dead place. We now consider treatments of various diseases with nanorobots, which other robots or medical staff inject into the body and then nanorobots repair the broken part of the heart, fully replacing surgical procedures.

We humans must return to our essence, protect our planet from overexploitation, pollution, and deforestation. We must protect ourselves and nature, which we are part of, against insatiable people who think they can move to another planet, or maybe they simply do not care about other people. . . Due to the degraded environment, our body absorbs organic and inorganic particles, dust, mites, viruses, parasites, and various moulds through diet, respiration, and general activity.

Stress has the worst impact on our health. The individual organs of our body are in constant emergency, eliminating unwanted toxins, fungi, viruses, and bacteria, which are slowly but steadily killing our body and thus shorten our active life. Our body has a defensive wall that fights alien elements called the immune system. The most important thing is to keep this unique system in the best possible condition and strengthen it through good diet, healthcare, exercise, rest, and meditation. We can significantly help our immune system by supplying it with vitamins, herbs, and other minerals through regular diet.

These are all ingredients that our body needs to cope well in fighting against toxins and other triggers of apoptosis that threaten our health. That is why NATURAMEDICIN has put together the first six essential biologically active dietary supplements made up of herbs from all over the world to quickly and specifically help the immune system restore a healthy balance in the human body.

When putting together the herbal formula, we decided to start from four directions of perception of nature, which shape and influence us in the cycles of our being, revival, and destruction:

Natural elements

NATURAL ELEMENTS include fire, earth, metal and water. These are elements that we all know well, and each of us has encountered them in our lives.

Our SENSES – Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. The senses affect us from the moment we are born. They enable us to perceive our surroundings, what we eat, how we develop, what we perceive and shape us as a person.

Based on experience, we have added a third level, namely Factors.

FACTORS that currently have a major effect on our health. The most important are Diet, Mental State, Environment, Disease Susceptibility, and Genetics.

ELEMENTS according to Chinese medicine include Tree (wood), Earth,Water, Fire, and Metal.

We have called this system of four directions the TREE OF LIFE. Once people begin to colonise Mars and other planets, other influences that will affect human health will be defined.

The most effective medicines and dietary supplements will always be made of herbs and other plants given to us by our Mother Earth.

Our distant ancestors, who lived in tribes, had their own medicine man to ward away evil spirits, treat the sick, bless before a hunt as well as before a battle against another tribe. The medicine man was someone who constantly learned about his surroundings. They tried to find out why someone died from one herb and another found relief from pain and other health problems from a different herb. They used all herbs and ingredients from nature. Our ancestors mostly used herbs to cleanse the body. They noticed that animals, when they became ill, chewed certain plants or rolled around in warm water and tried to apply mud to themselves. They found fasting, chewing, or drinking different herbs which they picked in their surroundings, as well as eating certain type of soil, to be effective.

Today, medicine men have been replaced by scientific teams who investigate the effects of individual herbs and look for medicines that can help people. Antibiotics are losing their ability to protect humans as viruses are becoming resistant to them. Yes, we have super modern instruments, tools, and robotic centres where doctors carry out operations that take away the breath of us laymen. Yes, they are the modern-day medicine men, but when you talk to these people, you realise just how much they value nature itself, how humble they are towards others, and just how much they value human life.

Every spring the human organism asks us to cleanse our body. Different religions hold a fast, some go hungry, and some use various procedures and food to cleanse their body.

As one saying goes: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what sort of person you are”.

The cradle of humankind lies in eastern and southern Africa. The most significant finds of the remains of the species Australopithecus sediba come from the Malapa Cave. Probably the first humans came from the genus Australopithecus. In the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa, scientists have discovered a stone circle consisting of stone ruins, which are so old that even the English Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza pale in comparison. The researchers determined their age to be 160,000 years and were absolutely shocked to find that it was, in fact, a fully functioning oldest megalithic calendar in the world. African elders knew the place and called it the “Birthplace of the Sun”. Scientists have named it Adam’s Calendar.

When we thought about the names of our food supplements, we did not hesitate and chose names from the words of the language of the ZULU tribe, or a combination of their words. The Zulu are a large African nation living mainly in southern Africa which currently numbers about 10 million. Several Zulu families live in a village in the KwaZulu-Natal province. It is one of the last places in the province where the Zulu lead a traditional life, similar to that going back several centuries. They maintain a strict hierarchy, rituals, and livelihood even though children normally attend school. An important role is played by the seeress who follows the customs, rituals, and old healing methods. If the seeress is unable to help, she sends her patients to hospitals where there are more powerful medicine men.

NATURAMEDICIN has developed five basic food supplements INETHAN, EQINIL, DELWEX, SHAYA, and FUBAMEX, which are made from herbs from all over the world and their extracts. We have called this series the TREE OF LIFE. We have also added a sixth dietary supplement consisting of the roots of our Tree of Life and paying homage to all medicine men of the past and present – we called it INYANGA.

Our herbal products contain adaptogenic plants and mushrooms which were already known in traditional Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda. We now present a few plants that increase the body’s resistance through a wide range of physical, chemical, and biochemical factors. Of the many herbs, we chose Panax ginseng, Ginseng, Chisandra chinensis, Rhaponticum carthamoides, Astragalus propinquus, and Lycium chinense.

Other plants and fungi help increase the body’s resistance to stressful situations, such as injury, anxiety, or physical fatigue. Of these, we mention, for instance, Ganoderma lucidum and Ophiocordyceps sinensis. Adaptogenic plants and mushrooms are unique compared to other substances for their ability to help to balance hormones and the immune system. They help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. In India and China, they are also called rejuvenating plants, plants of immortality, or body energy-boosting substances.

There are many plants and fungi that aspire to being described as adaptogenic, but which have been insufficiently investigated so we can only refer to them as potential or probable adaptogens. These plants and mushrooms are currently undergoing scientific investigation.

On closer examination, we are discovering different combinations of the effect on the body’s systems, functions, and organs. What does Wikipedia tell us about adaptogens?

“Adaptogens have an antioxidant effect, support biosynthesis, in particular the production of the most important amino acids and protein compounds, support the transfer of energy and its sources into the cell, strengthen the metabolism, assimilation and metabolism in general, accelerate the healing and regenerative processes of the organism (tissue, organs, cells, systems). Slow down the aging of the organism (tissue, organs, cells, systems); slow down the degenerative processes in the animal organism, prevent its wear, improve the condition of the nervous system (such as toning, calming and increasing its resistance). Boosts or modulates immunity.

Improves the condition of the hormonal system (endocrine glands). Compensate for pathological fluctuations in the values of various bodily functions and the content of certain substances in the organism or help to improve these functions above standard. Have a preventive anti-cancer effect or inhibit the development of cancer and help to treat it. Improve the tolerability of chemical drugs or therapeutic irradiation and reduce the incidence of adverse effects. Have a preventive anti-inflammatory effect or inhibit the development of inflammation and help to treat it as biogenic stimulators, they stimulate the physical area; improve resilience to physical activity.

As biogenic stimulators, they stimulate the mental area; improve resilience to physical activity act as a strengthening and nourishing agent (roborant) or reduce nutritional requirements and help eliminate the effects of insufficient nutrient intake. Reduce the physical and physical-biological effects of an altered environment, including extreme conditions (effects of cold, heat, drafts, high or low atmospheric pressure, centrifugal forces, etc.) Reduce the chemical and biochemical effects of an altered environment, such as reducing the effects of toxic substances, for example from environmental degradation. Improve potency, libido and overall sexual condition. Improve work or sports performance”

– source: Wikipedia

Teams of doctors and scientists around the world are investigating these natural adaptogens, whether these are plants, mushrooms, but also minerals from which they extract highly effective substances that undergo strict clinical and scientific research. Usually, the research leads to the development of a medicine that has special properties to treat various diseases.

We now return to NATURAMEDICIN dietary supplements.


The first dietary supplement INETHAN significantly helps our body to fight toxins and is developed to cleanse the organism and detoxify it. Cleanse the body and regenerate in baths, and treat it to regenerative massages. Yes, this is the road to the recovery of the organism. That is why we have developed a very gentle dietary supplement which will help you to regenerate your body.

INETHAN helps our body to cleanse the organism and detoxify it. In the language of the Zulu people, it means CLEAN.

The natural element assigned to it is AIR, the sense is SMELL, the element is TREE (wood), and the factor is ENVIRONMENT.

It only contains herbs to help our organism to cleanse itself of toxins. The aim of the detoxification of the organism is to cleanse the body, relieve it of all harmful substances, cleanse each organ such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. INETHAN supports the self-recovery processes and harmonisation of our organism and individual energy centres and boosts the energy in the human body.

The second supplement EQINIL is developed to strengthen and increase the immunity of our body. We had long thought about the combination of herbs to help our body create a protective barrier against everything that is harmful to our body. I think we have managed this and the result is:

EQINIL which helps to increase immunity, and in the language of the Zulu people, it means STRONG.

The natural element assigned to it is FIRE, the sense is SIGHT, and the factor is GENETICS.

The human immune system provides protection to the human body against various parasitic organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasitic worms, and other organisms that constantly attack our body. Our behaviour certainly does not make it easy for our immune system. We eat unhealthy food, move about in a toxic environment throughout the world, meet other people who have various diseases, and the immune system of our body reacts to everything. Our biologically active dietary supplement EQUINIL is made from herbs that know how to boost the human immune system. It protects bacteria that live in symbiosis with our body and significantly helps regulate the body’s processes so it can create a strong protective shield against viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

The third supplement, intended for women, is SHAYA. It serves to initiate harmonization of the entire organism and to regenerate vital processes in the human body. Given that the needs of men and women differ, we have divided this phase according to genetic dispositions.

SHAYA is intended for women, and in the language of the Zulu people, it means WOMAN.

The element assigned to it is EARTH, the sense is TOUCH, and the factor is MENTAL STATE.

Today, women live under constant stress from a young age and are under continual pressure at work as well as in raising children and looking after their family. SHAYA helps women to cope with stressful situations that affect their state of health. It also helps regenerate the female organs during the menopause.


According to the divided third phase and genetic predispositions, the fourth dietary supplement is DELWEX, and is intended for men.

DELWEX is an original product for men, and the product name is a combination of several Zulu words.

The element assigned to it is WATER, the sense is HEARING, and the factor is DISEASE SUSCEPTIBILITY.

DELWEX helps to regenerate the male body with special focus on the urogenital tract, which is significantly weakened due to stress, leading to loss of self-confidence and to despair. The composition of herbs contained in the dietary supplement help men to regenerate the entire male urogenital tract.


The fifth dietary supplement is FUBAMEX, which helps both men and women with a perpetual issue. How to regulate body weight.

FUBAMEX helps to kick-start the metabolism and regulate weight. The name of the product is a combination of several words in the Zulu language.

The element assigned to it is METAL, the sense is TASTE and the factor is DIET.

The fundamental problem why our weight keeps going up is stress, dietary composition, and our body’s stagnating metabolic system.

People often make a basic mistake. They starve and when they achieve the desired weight, they make the fatal mistake of eating whatever they think of and within a few short weeks they are back to their original weight or even worse. Our biologically active dietary supplement FUBAMEX can help you prevent the yo-yo effect.

Together with FUBAMEX, diet modification, and a good drinking regime, you will finally be able to achieve the desired result.


The sixth dietary supplement is INYANGA.


INYANGA brings about mental well-being. In the language of the Zulu people, it has several meanings HEALER, LUNA, MOON.

The element assigned to it is the ruler of all elements, the energy Chi, assigned to which is SPIRIT, the sense is INTUITION, and the factor is CREATION.

In this day and age, mental well-being is a great gift to us all. Stress is our great enemy, which causes mental problems. It threatens us and our loved ones. The herbs contained in INYANGA contribute to the refreshment of the body and help to maintain mental health. They contribute to the normal function of the nervous system, stimulate hormonal activity, and boost energy. INYANGA works as a natural adaptogen, supports the mental and physical state, and increases body immunity against external influences.

More than thirty years of studying people’s health problems led Bohuslav Větrovský to search for triggers of particular diseases, and he came to realise that it is the convergence of effects which cause changes in our body. He used all his knowledge to the benefit of NATURAMEDICIN, which began to produce dietary supplements based on the recipes of Bohuslav Větrovský. So let’s take a look at the world of herbs used to make these dietary supplements. The individual ingredients are the best that can be obtained on the global market. We hold all the necessary certificates for the individual ingredients which are produced by leading world dietary supplement manufacturers. Our products come in capsules which do not contain any animal components and can be taken by people of all faiths and those on a vegetarian diet.

Bohuslav Větrovský turned his knowledge and experience in the field of natural medicine, herbalism, and other techniques of natural medicine into high quality food supplements, while respecting all directions of faith and at the same time scientific progress. He remembers the herbalist Miss Maria and Dean Valoušek, who introduced him to the secrets of healing and mysticism.

He said the following about the newly developed food supplements: “If one uses herbs to recover their strength and health, they must use them over a long period of time so they have an effect on their health. Therefore, all the dietary supplements contain 180 capsules, which is a three- month therapy. It is the optimal time for the organism to regenerate. The TREE OF LIFE is a regeneration program lasting for seven months. One theory of the renewal of the human body says that the human body changes cells every seven years. It is the rebirth of a human being. That is why we chose seven months for the length of the TREE OF LIFE regenerative therapy.

People often choose to put away herbs and rather use chemical medicines which provide a quick and effective relief. These substances are directive and save human lives. Unfortunately, this does not make the immune and lymphatic system happy. That is why we use herbs that help our body slowly, gently, and in the long term.
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