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EQINIL: Three-month immunity boost

What do stress, polluted environment, poor diet and lack of sleep have in common? All these factors negatively affect our body's ability to defend itself against viruses, bacteria and other parasites.

Our immune system is not just a defence against the occasional cold. It also protects us from a much more serious type of diseases.

Invest in your immune system, strengthen it and maintain it. This is one of the best steps you can take to improve your long-term health and quality of life.

Boost your immunity in 3 months

In previous articles, we described the immune system. We have also listed methods to strengthen it naturally.

In this article, we will focus primarily on our three-month immunity boosting treatment - EQINIL food supplement.

This is a unique product on the market. This completely natural food supplement contains enough capsules for 3 months, during which it will help you build a much stronger body's defences.

How does EQINIL strengthen immunity?

EQINIL is a mixture of several natural ingredients, herbs and mushrooms, where each part of the whole product has the task of providing its specific effect.

All the ingredients together form a unique combination with a many times stronger effect of strengthening immunity.

  • Verbascum (mullein) is the first ingredient in EQINIL. In addition to helping to strengthen the immune system, it also regenerates the respiratory tract.
  • Acorus Calamus (sweet flag) is used for digestive problems. It helps metabolism, thereby supporting symbiotic bacteria that create a shield against parasites in our body.
  • Stag's-horn Clubmoss helps maintain the function of the urinary system, which helps the body excrete harmful substances that have a negative effect on the body's defences.
  • Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) is a mushroom that has strong effects in terms of regeneration and stimulation of the immune system.
  • Cordyceps is a very rare mushroom that is included in EQINIL (also in the INYANGA  food supplement). It is used as a natural antibiotic, it contains natural corticoids. It is a very effective ingredient that has many regenerative effects.
  • The mixture also contains  the widely used Baikal plant Skullcap.

The blend of ingredients in EQINIL has been designed to maximize the long-term immune boosting effect. The result is a truly premium product that can be used by anyone who wants to improve their health.

What have people said about EQINIL?

EQINIL can have a miraculous effect on people. Below you will find reviews from several people who have been saved by this three-month immunity boosting treatment from various health problems.

I bought a pack of Eqinil, I had long term problems with inflammation in my shoulders. I feel a significant improvement, so I decided to buy another one. 

~ Petr V. Brno

Thank you NATURAMEDICIN! A miracle is happening to me, after 20 years of immunology treatment, I finally did not hear any other new diagnoses from the doctor/immunologist, but the opposite. All my allergies "disappeared", THANK YOU!!! I had severe allergies to grasses, pollen, dust mites, cats, food allergies, in the emergency room at any moment, impending asthma, etc. I tried NATURAMEDICIN, as another of my "experiments". I was impressed that it is a pure herbal product that I can take alongside medication. I used Inethan, then Eqinil, now I ordered Shaya. Inethan already helped me to better health, during that period I was on immunology for tests, now I take Equinil, THANK YOU! I will continue with the whole board. Since I am being monitored by a doctor, I myself am curious about further checks and results. We will be able to give feedback even in a few months.

I wish many satisfied customers. Thanks to you, I no longer take my medication.

~ Tatiana L., Bratislava, Slovakia


Family, work, hobbies. You don't deal with your health until you are diagnosed with a malignant tumor and become an oncology patient.

Shock is an understatement! Your life is turned upside down and you start imagining the consequences. You're thinking about death, and at the same time you wanted to enjoy yourself! You can't blame anyone for that!

Our healthcare is world-class, but it treats the effects, not the causes. I am glad that I am already in the hands of doctors - experts. But what is the cause of my insidious disease? You ask, you read specialist books, everyone will give you advice. The recommended combinations of some food supplements already go against each other.

You discover that your body is a chemical factory that takes in, processes and excretes "chemical" compounds, I mean food. When something doesn't work properly, your body doesn't excrete harmful substances and instead stores them. And that's how, to put it simply, tumors arise. I have a malignant one right now.

A happy circumstance allowed me to meet Mr. Větrovský, and mostly all his recommendations solved my problem, i.e. to determine and eliminate the causes of my illness. After our consultations, I found peace of mind and hope for recovery. I realized that natural substances - mixtures of herbs - have been used since ancient times, and a visit to the herb garden of the Kuks hospital confirmed this for me.

I started immediately with EQINIL to strengthen the immunity and at the same time DELWEX for the regeneration of "male" matters. I feel good, and I believe that it will turn out well!

Gradually I will reach the Tree of Life! And I'll let you know how I am! 😊

~ KM, Prague, Czech Republic

In conclusion

EQINIL is a really interesting product, both in its composition and its effect.

For more information about EQINIL, watch the following video:

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EQINIL is a natural food supplement that will increase your body's defenses.

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