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Ways of using our supplements

Our dietary supplements are formulated so that they trigger biological processes in our body that affect the life cycle of everything around you in this world. They are not in any way a type of drug. Therefore, we cannot claim that it will cure people of disease or affect disease as such. Scientists and doctors believe that food plays a huge role in the regeneration of our body and the individual organs in our body. By supplementing with suitable herbal food supplements, we can significantly contribute to the regeneration of our body and thus improve our lives.

We have created a universal set of dietary supplements that differ only in different products for women and men.

Products for women are:


Products for men are:


We will gradually add other food supplements to our TREE OF LIFE system. Just as a small tree grows from seed and gradually grows into a massive healthy trunk, including branches, so will we strengthen and add quality food supplements that will help you regenerate your body.

More information on Tree of Life

As the first way to use our biologically active food supplements
we present:

Our food supplements are carefully developed for synergy within (combination of ingredients in a given product) and synergy without (combination of products within the Tree of Life).

Each product is composed of 6 or more ingredients, which together form a precise and unique combination that has a specific effect on the body.

In addition, it is possible to combine the products with one another. You get the most from the Tree of Life by taking them in order: INETHAN, EQINIL, SHAYA (for women), DELWEX (for men), FUBAMEX, INYANGA.This combination of products, which you take one after the other, is called the Tree of Life, and based on it, the entire product line was named.

The TREE OF LIFE food supplements form a unique line that will help you regenerate your body by using them in the right way, following the principles of proper nutrition, drinking regime and physical activity.

The packages contain 180 capsules each. Take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. Take the capsules before meals, drink cold, still water.

We chose 90 days so that the body could fully regenerate. Herbs have a regenerative effect on our body and therefore can properly affect our body and individual organs. Therefore, it is necessary to use our products for at least three calendar months. The procedure is simple. Always add the following product for the last 30 days of using each product. So the individual products overlap with the previous product for thirty days.

Step 1: INETHAN for detoxification of the body

Month 1 - Month 3
The first product to take is INETHAN, which will help your body start the cleansing process of all the organs and eliminate harmful substances and other toxins. After taking INETHAN for two months, add EQINIL.

Step 2: EQINIL for the immune system

Month 3 - Month 5
After two months of use, add EQINIL, which together with INETHAN cleanses the body and helps to strengthen the immune system together with the lymphatic system for one month. After taking EQINIL for 60 days, add SHAYA if you are a woman and DELWEX if you are a man.

Step 3: SHAYA for women

Month 5 - Month 7

Step 3: DELWEX for men

Month 5 - Month 7
Both products will help your body regenerate the genitals and everything related to them. After 60 days of using SHAYA or DELWEX products, add FUBAMEX.

Step 4: FUBAMEX for weight loss

Month 7 - Month 9
And again, after 60 days of using DELWEX or SHAYA, add FUBAMEX, which will help you regulate your body's metabolism. And as the last of the TREE OF LIFE regeneration line, you can use the INYANGA product to calm your mind and well-being:

Step 5: INYANGA for mental well-being

Month 9 - Month 11
In the end, you can help calm your mind and gain mental well-being with a product called INYANGA, which will help increase our body's resistance to external influences and help rejuvenate body and soul.

We would like to reiterate that if a person uses herbs to restore strength and health, he must use them in the long term to affect his health. All our supplements contain 180 capsules, which is a three-month dose. People often put down herbs and use chemical drugs that provide a quick and effective relief. Unfortunately, this does not make the immune system happy. Herbs work slowly and for a long time.

The second way of using food supplements:

If you do not want to complete the entire TREE OF LIFE regeneration procedure and you want to take individual food supplements according to your needs, we recommend the following use of combinations of individual products.

If you want to deploy products separately for different reasons, we will now tell you of the different combinations.

In today's hectic time, when we are crushed by various diseases that attack the immune system, these combinations are truly unique.

The first combination example


EQINIL: One capsule every morning and every evening (1 – 0 – 1)

SHAYA: One capsule every morning and every evening (1 – 0 – 1)

The second combination example


EQINIL: One capsule every morning and every evening (1 – 0 – 1)

DELWEX: One capsule every morning and every evening (1 – 0 –1)

These combinations strongly help in the regeneration of the immune and urogenital system in both women and men.

If you want to use your chosen different combinations, for example INETHAN with EQINIL, or EQINIL with INYANGA, INETHAN with FUBAMEX or any other combinations, always follow the dosage of one capsule in the morning from the first product and one in the evening from the second product. Remember to follow the principles of a healthy diet and exercise to constantly strengthen your body and thus achieve the desired regeneration and improved quality of life.

The final way to take our supplement is

Of course, our Tree of Life supplements can be taken one at a time.

Focus on the problem you are solving within your health condition and select a suitable supplement for it.

When consuming individual Tree of Life supplements, proceed in the same way as when combining - take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, after a meal, and drink cold, still water. All this for 3 months before you finish a pack of 180 capsules.

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