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Why be a member of NATURAMEDICIN Club?

Our company focuses on the development and sale of high quality, natural dietary supplements. We have now started selling our first line of dietary supplements called "Tree of Life". We sell the products online, and in parallel with online sales we have created a network of partners - members of NATURAMEDICIN Club and registered customers.

We provide Club members with the opportunity to broker the sale of our products and earn financial rewards. All this without any regular obligations and commitments.

Our partners form NATURAMEDICIN Club. It is a community of interesting people who have their own experience of using our products, recommend them to other customers, meet regularly and support each other in our Club events. They also recruit and recommend new Club members.

In this article you will learn about NATURAMEDICIN Club, as we promised in the introduction:

  • useful information;
  • find out what the benefits of club membership are;
  • and finally we will give you advice on how to become a Club member.


NATURAMEDICIN Club is a free, non-binding association of people who use our dietary supplements which help to improve their health and that of their loved ones.

In addition, NATURAMEDICIN Club is also a physical place in Prague where Club members meet and organize interesting seminars and other cultural and social events.

It is not an MLM sales system.  Club membership is basically free enterprise.

As part of NATURAMEDICIN Club membership, you have no conditions. You do not have to show any regular registrations to remain a Club member and you are not restricted by meeting various regular monthly commission results.

You only have the opportunity to earn by recommending and selling our products by signing up other customers who will form a line of members below you.

This is more of an affiliate or commission marketing within the Club Membership, along with the possibility of earning other benefits.

Benefits of Club membership

Our Club provides its members with:

- the opportunity to ensure financial independence through the sale of our products and the registration of new members of NATURAMEDICIN Club,

- the opportunity to participate in interesting seminars and social and cultural events that we organize for our Club members and their family members. We are also preparing interesting competitions with valuable prizes.

Financial benefits

We provide our Club members with financial rewards for the sale of our products in the form of commissions on every order placed on our e-shop by a registered customer or Club member you have registered in the "below" line.

The first reward is a commission for the registration of a new NATURAMEDICIN Club member, which is 40% of the annual membership fee, excluding VAT.

The second reward is a commission of 20% of the price, excluding VAT, for each purchase from each customer who is registered under the Club member (this customer does not necessarily also have to be a Club member).

The third reward is a commission of 15% of the price, excluding VAT, for each purchase from each customer who is registered two levels below, i.e. below a Club member who is registered under another Club member in your below line.

This system of paying commissions for purchases on our e-shop is not conditional on anything other than orders from customers registered under a Club member.

Yes, this is where we differ significantly from our competitors who bind their members to restrictive terms of cooperation.

We pay commissions to our members in the currency of the member's stated domicile.

We pay commissions in the following currencies: CZK, EUR, GBP, CHF and USD.

Other benefits

Club membership has other benefits than our free commission system.

The main benefit for Club members is the opportunity to come to our physical Club location where we will be happy to advise you over coffee on natural medicine, our products and how to sell them to other customers. Make an appointment and we will be happy to see you.

In our Club, and in other places in Prague and throughout our country, we organize regular events, such as seminars about our products and natural medicine, or social and cultural evenings for NATURAMEDICIN Club members and their family members.

We also organize weekend getaways to interesting places in our country.

Members of the Club

Are you wondering why to be a member of NATURAMEDICIN Club? What do you gain by doing so?

  1. A new, simple way of income.
  2. Interesting information about natural medicine, alternative treatments, healthy lifestyle and other interesting fields.
  3. In the Club you will meet and get to know interesting people, from different fields and professions, who take their health seriously.

Club members are currently people who see a future in working with people of the same focus, with similar values and lifestyles.  Together we all care about the most precious thing we have and that is our health.

By sharing their experience and telling us about their journey to achieve professional success in their fields of expertise, they not only contribute to improving life in their neighbourhoods, but also inspire our Club members, on our evenings together, to reflect on how sometimes difficult the road to success is, in any profession.

We help NATURAMEDICIN Club members to achieve economic freedom, self-fulfillment and most importantly, to improve their and their loved ones' long-term healthy lifestyle.

Our members are not bound to us in any way, it is a free partnership for mutually beneficial cooperation.

The goal of our Club

Our Club has a long term goal of helping people from all over the world, globally, across continents and faiths, to address the long term health issues that arise from today's lifestyles.

The ingredients - herbs and medicinal mushrooms - contained in our dietary supplements are of the highest quality and so concentrated that they significantly assist the body in its self-healing processes.

We want the Tree of Life dietary supplements to help our Club members, and not only them, to improve the life they have been given and the life they still have ahead of them.

At the same time, we want to meet interesting people and Club members in our Club, so that we can help each other in our journey through life, business and professional life.

How to become a Club member

1.First you create your account and become a registered customer

  • you are registered by another Club member
  • you register based on a link or QR code sent to you by another Club member
  • you register directly at www.naturamedicin.com in the menu FOR CLUB MEMBERS AND REGISTERED CUSTOMERS, click on LOG IN/REGISTER and register directly on the domain www.naturamedicin.eu/shop to our commission program in which you create your Account.

This makes you a registered customer and you own your Account, where all your orders and purchases are registered, here you can also change your password etc.

  1. By purchasing a Club Membership you become a member of NATURAMEDICIN Club.

You can purchase the NATURAMEDICIN Club Membership directly here in the e-shop on the domain naturamedicin.com or in the menu FOR CLUB MEMBERS AND REGISTERED CUSTOMERS, click on LOG IN/REGISTER and go directly to the domain naturamedicin.eu/shop to purchase the Club Membership.

The commission is always included, no matter if you buy on naturamedicin.com or naturamedicin.eu/shop, which is created to calculate commissions and includes the Backoffice - the virtual office of each NATURAMEDICIN Club member.

After you order your membership, you will receive a package - shipment, according to your chosen transport. The package contains, in addition to our promotional items, one package of detoxifying dietary supplement from the Tree of Life line - INETHAN. The first product for a three-month healing cure, followed by other products.

All registered Club members get, besides their Account, also their own virtual office - BACKOFFICE - a web application where you can register new members - customers, track all purchases in your registered line, keep track of your registered structure below and keep track of your monthly commissions.

If we haven't answered all your questions or you need advice, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We will be happy to answer your questions.

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