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Bohuslav Větrovský

Natural medicine consultant, member of the board of directors of NATURAMEDICIN SE, creator of natural food supplements Tree of Life and author of the NATURAMEDICIN blog articles.

Natural food supplement

Bohuslav Větrovský, healer and mystic, natural medicine consultant, developed NATURAMEDICIN natural food supplements. He did so in order to use thirty years of experience in herbalism, natural healing and mysticism to create a product that could be used by people all over the world.

During his healing career, he came to the conclusion that the various diseases that people face are triggered by a confluence of factors that results in apoptosis, programmed cell death, and specifically, insufficient or excessive apoptosis.

He thus transformed his knowledge in the field of natural medicine into the Tree of Life dietary supplements, which (among other things) have the task of causing the balance of apoptosis in the body and thus helping a person on his way to long-term health.

You can read about how Bohuslav Větrovský came to study natural medicine here: About Bohuslav Větrovský


In addition to developing the natural food supplements Tree of Life, he also founded Club NATURAMEDICIN - a free, non-binding association of people who use our food supplements to improve their health and that of their loved ones.

In addition, Club NATURAMEDICIN is also a physical place in Prague where Club members meet and organize interesting seminars and other cultural and social events.

You can read more about Club NATURAMEDICIN here: Why be a member of Club NATURAMEDICIN?

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Natural medicine consultation

Foto: Miroslav Kučera
"I looked into the face of the Devil, but I also saw God. And this gives me the strength to go forward. I humbly give thanks in my spirit for all the evil I have experienced. I understand how much it has moved me forward. I understand what I have always felt somewhere inside - that my true calling is to help people through my abilities," he says.

~ Bohuslav Větrovský

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