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How to proceed when you want to improve your life with natural medicine

If you are one of those people who look for a different solution to common health problems than the perpetual supply of new prescription drugs, and if you are intrigued by the idea of helping to heal your body with practices that mankind has used for thousands of years, then this article is for you.

By natural medicine, we mean procedures that use natural processes to regenerate the body, not chemical compounds created in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

The first thing you should know is that healing the body with natural medicine is a long-term process. It is far from enough to take certain herbs for a few days to solve chronic problems.

On the contrary, if you want to improve your health in the long term, restore your body's vital energy and regenerate your organism, you will have to give natural medicine enough time to have an overall effect.

In this article, we will give you an overview of how to proceed if you have become interested in natural medicine.

Sources of information

The first thing we recommend is to educate yourself sufficiently in the area. Buy or borrow books on herbs and their effects, dig through articles on the internet (including this blog 🙂 ) and find out how different herbs and mushrooms affect the human body.

Start looking into how to take advantage of the self-healing processes that your body is more than capable of maintaining, and how to support them even more by giving your body what is natural to it.

Definition of health problems

In order to know what to focus on in your exploration of natural medicine and to be motivated, we recommend that you write down your long-term health concerns.

Chronic problems are often the ones we gradually forget about because they have been with us for a long time. But they need to be dealt with before they become more serious problems.

Finding a solution

The final step is finding a solution - the application of natural medicine. It is recommended to take advice from an expert or use ready-made natural food supplements.

Our Tree of Life dietary supplements are specially formulated so that you don't have to do any of the work of combining herbs to improve your health - we've already done that work for you.

Each of our problems is formulated to help solve one of the most common issues plaguing our bodies.

INETHAN is a dietary supplement that helps your body get rid of toxic substances that have a continuous negative effect on your health and energy.

EQINIL helps to build a stronger immune system with its composition. The combination of herbs in it has a positive effect on our beneficial symbiotic bacteria. This helps the processes that create a shield in our body against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

SHAYA is a dietary supplement designed for women, and DELWEX is for men. Both are designed to support the regeneration of the body, reduce stress and help regenerate female and male organs.

FUBAMEX helps to regulate body weight. Its composition helps to kick-start the metabolism and prevent weight fluctuations that are so common in weight loss diets.

INYANGA protects the body against external negative influences and helps to induce a positive mood and psychological well-being.

Our dietary supplements are a simple way to natural medicine. You can buy them directly on this website.


Natural medicine works in the long term and does not cause the negative side effects typical of standard medicine. If you are on a journey to regenerate your body through natural medicine, please read other articles on our blog and subscribe to our newsletter, where we send useful information from this field.

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