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Will herbs affect hormone levels in the body?

Event date: 17 May, 2023
Time: 18:30
Venue: Kurta Konráda 2457/8, Praha 9

Seminar "TREE OF LIFE" about natural medicine and herbalism.

Dietary supplements series "TREE OF LIFE." What makes them special? How can I use these products to regenerate my body? Can herbs affect the hormone levels in our body?

All these questions will be answered at the seminar of Bohuslav Větrovský, natural medicine consultant. You will not only learn interesting information about our products, you will get interesting information about the composition and effects of the herbs from which our dietary supplements are made, but most importantly, the lecture will focus on the activity of hormones in our body.


The philosophy of the products is based on the traditional Czech herbalist school, traditional Chinese medicine and the latest scientific knowledge about individual herbs and mushrooms that our ancestors used to improve their health. They are all-natural, a unique blend of quality herbs and mushrooms that support each other.

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Please note that photographs and/or video and audio recordings may be taken at this event and you may be featured in them. By attending the event you give the organisers the right to use such material for non-commercial purposes, including posting photographs and/or videos on websites and social media.

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