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HERBS - the way to better health ??


Lecturer : Bohuslav Větrovský, shaman and healer . . .

It took nearly thirty years to turn his knowledge and experience in natural medicine and herbalism into quality dietary supplements. He said the following about the newly developed dietary supplements:

"If a person uses herbs to help restore his strength and health, he must use them for a long time to have an effect on our health. Often people put off herbs and use chemical medicines that really help very quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, the immune system is not happy about this. Herbs help slowly and in the long term."

The philosophy of the products is based on the traditional Czech herbalist school, traditional Chinese medicine and the latest scientific knowledge about individual herbs and mushrooms that our ancestors used to improve their health. They are all-natural, a unique blend of quality herbs and mushrooms that support each other.

The company NATURAMEDICIN SE, produces and sells dietary supplements, the TREE OF LIFE series, developed on the basis of recipes by Bohuslav Vetrovsky, a natural medicine consultant. More information can be found on the website www.naturamedicin.com,  www.lecitel.comwww.poradnaprirodnimediciny.com

Seminar „TREE OF LIFE“ about natural medicine, herbalism and the company's products NATURAMEDICIN SE,  organized together with STUDIO MOKSHA.


We are looking forward to a pleasant meeting in the wonderful space of Studio MOKSHA. During our first visit we were very pleasantly surprised by the pleasant atmosphere and positive energy that emanates from the studio.

We would also like to thank Ms. Simona Hořčičková, managing director and founder of Studio Moksha, for the opportunity to collaborate on our joint projects in this interesting space.


Registration for the seminar HERE
Price 500,- CZK / seminar / person

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