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Irena Křivánková - Dernissage of the exhibition

In the Gallery in the Water Tower at Letná in Prague, we were there to support our Club NATURAMEDICIN member, Czech painter and graphic artist Irena Křivánková.

The opening of the AQUA BELLA exhibition

Exhibition curator : Petr Štěpán

Josef Štágr, Czech musical actor, singer and teacher, performed in the musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Carmen and others.

Zbyněk Drda, Czech singer, winner of the third series of the reality TV show Česko hledá SuperStar.

Acoustic vibes - SWETJA

For us, the show and the musical accompaniment was a pleasant surprise. We are happy to have a new member of the Club with an interesting artistic focus.

Finally, we were allowed to visit the Letná Water Tower.

We look forward to spending more evenings together.


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