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Břetislav Kafka still relevant - charity event in Červený Kostelec

On August 25, 2022, the regional charity Červený Kostelec organized a series of lectures on the topic BRETISLAV KAFKA STILL RELEVANT.

Bohuslav Větrovský was the first to open the meeting of Břetislav Kafka's supporters with a lecture on "Břetislav Kafka and his discoveries that extend into the future".

Mrs. Marcela Fraňková continued after lunch with a wonderful discussion about Břetislav Kafka's publications.

Finally, in the afternoon, there was a guided tour of Břetislav Kafka's villa with the participation of granddaughter Marcela Labíková and her husband, Marcela Franková and Bohuslav Větrovský. After an afternoon sitting at the round table, no one wanted to go home.

We thank Mr. Richard Bergmann, head of field social services and the day care center in Červený Kostelec, Mrs. Marcela Franková and Mr. and Mrs. Labík for the excellent organization of the whole day.

The event was a great success and we were all pleasantly surprised by the participation and interest of the people who visited the individual blocks that day.

We thank everyone for participating in this beautiful meeting of Břetislav Kafka supporters and we look forward to the next moments spent together. We were also pleased with the participation of Club NATURAMEDICIN members.


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