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Environment and the human body

Man tries to adapt to the environment where he lives. We intervene in the environment where we live in order to adapt it to our needs and wishes. However, some changes can backfire.


The quality of the air in which we live is an important factor that affects the human body. Air pollution is responsible for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It increases the risk of asthma, allergies, cancer and accelerates the aging process.

Air pollution is not only affecting us, but also the flora and fauna. Acid rain has an impact on the damage to the environment, which in turn has a direct effect on humans. Yet we only need to think about how we can contribute to better air quality. Replace the car with walking, do not drown our homes with whatever is at hand, such as plastic or rubbish.


Water is very important for the functioning of our body. However, nowadays drinking water of adequate quality is becoming increasingly scarce. While this does not lead to serious illnesses, good quality drinking water should still be protected.

Nowadays, everything is fertilised in the fields and pesticides are used, which are then found in the groundwater, which also pollutes the drinking water supply.

Surely we all know about cyanobacteria, they result in a lack of oxygen in the water, this causes fish and other organisms to die. That is why the quality of bathing water is measured before the summer bathing season, as cyanobacteria are toxic to humans.

Another factor that pollutes the water is heavy metals such as mercury. These are then found in the bodies of fish. If we eat fish like this for a long time, we are at risk of poisoning, memory loss or sleep disorders.

The problem today is microplastics, which enter the bodies of aquatic animals and, after eating them, our bodies. Microplastics are not only found in water, but also in soil.

Polluted water also has an impact on the soil, and it is not just aquatic animals that are at risk. Polluted soil threatens the quality and quantity of agricultural crops grown.

Noisy environment

Let's face it, no one likes a noisy environment. It is a very disturbing element that damages our body and in the long run is also very dangerous.

If we are exposed to noise for a long period of time, it manifests itself in irritability or anxiety. Noisy environments cause stress, and this, as we know, reduces immunity and leads to other serious health problems. It also affects our sleep. Insufficient sleep adversely affects the functioning of the whole body and also shortens our lives.

If you work in an extremely noisy environment, your hearing can be damaged, so don't forget your hearing protection.

Landscape around us

Nature has a tremendous effect on humans, a walk in the fresh air clears our minds and gives us new energy. The beauty of nature makes us happier, calms us down and we are not subject to stress in such a beautiful environment.

The landscape and the environment affect us more than we think. They not only affect our health, but they also affect us economically. A bad environment is reflected in diseases such as cancer, infertility and various allergies.  How we look after the landscape in which we live is now also becoming a political battle before the elections.

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