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Panax ginseng's true effects

Panax ginseng

Ginseng is the most powerful strengthening agent of Asian medicine.

It has been the subject of extensive research and is rated as the most effective adaptogen. It contains a blend of dozens of unique, highly potent compounds that make up more than 20% of the dried root weight.

Ginseng outperforms common stimulants. Its effect comes on more slowly but is long-lasting and in all respects beneficial to health.

Its use is suitable for stress and depression, for better concentration, memory and willpower, for physical exertion, muscle regeneration, significantly enhances libido, potency and erection.

It inhibits cell death, slows cell aging and helps against diseases of civilization such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and vascular problems (including varicose veins and hemorrhoids).

It reduces chronic inflammation, allergies and pain (e.g. in joints), protects against viruses (including influenza), and is used in the treatment of tumours and cancer.

It effectively suppresses mental decline, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis and diabetes of both types.
In radiation damage, ginseng is considered the best medicine ever!

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