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Herbs to help relieve stress

The problem nowadays is the rush, we are all in a hurry and there is no time for proper relaxation. Most of us go through some kind of stressful situation almost every day.  Long-term stress causes insomnia, headaches, impaired functioning of the immune system and also makes our body more susceptible to various infections.

For relief from stress and anxiety, look to natural medicine. Herbs can help you get back into mental shape.

Functioning of individual herbs

We will introduce some herbs that have a positive effect on the human psyche and can relieve you of stress and anxiety.

Wild marjoram (oregano)

Not for nothing was this herb called a good mind, it has a beneficial effect on the psyche and improves your mood.

It is used as a spice, a medicinal herb and also used to make nectar. You can buy this herb in the shop under the name oregano, which is very popular in France and indeed throughout Mediterranean cuisine. Oregano is a natural antioxidant, regulates blood pressure and has a positive effect on sleep quality.

In the winter, you can brew a tea from oregano or inhale it as it helps with respiratory problems. If you inhale it, it will relieve you from headaches, help from stress and melancholy.

Oregano is a very widespread herb, it grows in meadows, bushes or forests, not only in the Czech Republic, but all over Europe.

Lemon balm

This plant is not found in the wild in our countryside, but is easily grown in gardens or in a pot. It is important to collect the leaves before they flower, as they lose their medicinal properties with the inflorescence.

Lemon balm smells like lemon and tastes like honey, which is why it is called lemon balm. Its main effect is to calm the whole body, especially in these times of stress and hustle and bustle. The magic of lemon balm is that it works on the nervous system and psyche as well as on the organs in the body.

If you're having trouble sleeping, make yourself a cup of lemon balm tea and you can throw away the sleeping pills. Other effects of this herb include lowering blood pressure, promoting proper respiratory system function and boosting memory.

Lemon balm is also recommended for digestive problems.

St. John's wort

The popular herb is widely used in medicine. The main effects include calming the body, St. John's wort can banish gloom and melancholy. It can help with falling asleep, excessive stress and stomach problems. Its effects are also used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

St. John's wort has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used in the treatment of eczema or treating swelling. It is used both externally and internally. It can improve the strength of blood vessels or help with liver disease, lung disease and urinary tract problems.

It can be used for menstrual problems or during menopause. But be careful. It is advisable to consult a doctor before taking St John's wort as it affects the effectiveness of some medicines.

You can grow St John's wort at home, all you need is a sunny spot.


Chamomile is perhaps the most commonly used herb not only in Europe, but also in Asia.  It is considered a sacred plant by Scandinavian peoples and is one of the symbols of the sun.

The medicinal effects of chamomile are found in the flowers, which contain anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. Chamomile can help with digestive problems, bloating and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

In the form of poultices, it is used for skin rashes and minor injuries.  Chamomile is a versatile herb that will improve your mood, calm you down and help you fall asleep. It has a positive effect on immunity and helps with anxiety and has antioxidant properties.

Chamomile grows almost everywhere, so you'll have no problem picking its flowers, which are found from May onwards.


This perennial was used extensively by our grandmothers and they knew very well why. It helps with insomnia and is suitable as a calming agent in today's hectic period.

Valerian is also a mild analgesic, which means it relieves minor aches and pains. It should be used by women who suffer from menstrual cramps.

It has a positive effect on the nerves, which it can calm. If you are under prolonged tension or stress, valerian will help. Just be careful with taking it as it can be addictive.

You can grow it in your garden, it likes moist, nutrient-rich soil.


Everyone knows lavender for its effects and scent. The scent of lavender is associated with relaxation and is used to treat insomnia and restlessness.

Its scent has even been found to deepen sleep and make it better. Unlike the other herbs already mentioned, lavender is mainly used in aromatherapy.

Lavender oil has a disinfectant effect and promotes wound healing. Lavender is also used to make a repellent that repels moths.


Who has a cat at home, surely knows this herb, which acts like a drug, but in a positive way without side effects.

Catnip calms us down, helps us get rid of stress and nervousness, also helps with insomnia. Catnip relieves tension and also works for colds and improves digestion. It also helps in wound healing, just chop fresh Catnip and apply to the wound.

We should not rely on the power of herbs alone, but focus on coping with stressful situations.  Try to avoid stress, divide your day into active parts and then find time to devote only to relaxation and mental hygiene.

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