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Do you want to lose weight in a swimsuit for the summer? It's high time to start.

Summer is fast approaching and most of us are thinking about how we will look on the beach. Losing weight in two months isn't easy, but it's not impossible either.

In this article, we will try to convince you to choose the better of the two strategies for weight loss - instead of radically cutting back on food and almost certainly reintroducing your old habits, you should instead adjust your lifestyle so that you are not only thinner, but also leaner, healthier and feel better overall in the long run.

After all, what's the point of looking good if you can't enjoy it?

Food and drink

As we all know, eating and drinking is the basis of what body weight we will be at during the summer. If we reduce our caloric intake below the level at which we maintain our body weight, we will go into a caloric deficit and gradually start to lose weight.

So how can we ensure that we consume fewer calories? It's best to start with the biggest problems, solve them, and then move on.

Drink especially water. Alcohol, and especially sodas and juices, contain a high number of calories. The main problem with drinking is that, unlike eating, you can drink a lot of calories and not even realize it. You are taking in mainly sugars, and in drinks that have often been developed to create an appetite for more.

As for alcohol, not only does it contain a high number of calories (depending on the specific drink), but it will also make you more likely to break your healthy habits and eat what you shouldn't.

Above all, try to adjust your meals according to your calorie intake. You don't necessarily have to eat less, but choose fruit instead of sweets, and increase your intake of protein, which is filling and low in calories.

Get into the habit of eating at specific times during the day, and don't eat outside of those times. This will avoid binge eating, which can increase your calorie intake without you noticing.

Choose healthier, less processed foods rather than trying to limit the amount you eat.

Combining these practices will not only help you achieve a calorie deficit, but will also make you feel much better.

Get your body moving

In addition to how many calories you take in, how many calories you use per day is also important for weight loss.

Any movement, sport, weight training uses energy and burns calories.

More important than what sport or exercise you choose is doing something you enjoy and can stick with. Consistency is important - most people can motivate themselves for one or two weeks, but real body change requires long-term changes in habits.

Choose a sport or activity you enjoy and stick with it. Calculate roughly how many calories you expend on it and add this information to your calorie intake to give you a total calorie deficit.

Combining strength and conditioning workouts is one of the best options to build a better body. Aesthetics are not only affected by body weight, but more importantly by body fat percentage. If you can maintain the same weight while losing fat and replacing it with muscle, you will look much better and feel healthy at the same time.

Sleep and healthy habits

Sleep and other healthy habits primarily have the effect on weight loss of allowing you to do what you need to do during the day to actually lose weight or body fat.

If you don't get enough sleep, your eating habits will deteriorate, you won't have the strength to resist high-calorie foods and drinks, you'll drink more coffee (often containing sugar) to wake up, and you'll have a drink before bed to fall asleep and finally get some sleep. This lifestyle is unsustainable and leads to a deterioration of all factors that affect overall health, including body weight.

The other habits you have also affect your eating and sports habits. Adjust your life so that you have the opportunity to do what you want for your body. You only have one, and if it's not healthy, the things that make you sleepy won't be as beneficial.

Good habits support each other. If you sleep well, your day will run according to plan, you'll eat when you say you will, you'll be able to resist alcohol, and you'll have the energy for sports and exercise.

All of this will lead to gradual weight loss. But what is more important is that you will have a healthier and happier life. That's what we all want - and if weight loss motivates you to do that, so much the better.

Food supplements

Our natural food supplement FUBAMEX will help you on your way to a smaller body weight.

FUBAMEX contains a unique combination of ingredients to help you lose weight:

  • Aloe stimulates metabolism, contributes to the proper function of the gastrointestinal tract and regular intestinal function. It has a positive effect on insulin metabolism and blood sugar levels.
  • Green tea supports metabolism and oxidation of fats, helps in weight loss and regulation.
  • Ginger promotes digestion, contributes to the toning of the body, and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • Pepper contributes to the normal metabolism of fats, increases the expenditure of calories on energy, reduces their intake and helps in weight control regimens.
  • The recipe is supplemented with fruit extracts containing the valuable active ingredients Euterpe (acai berry) and Aristotelia (maqui berry).

FUBAMEX, like all our products, has been developed very precisely and thoughtfully - all the ingredients in it are dosed and combined so that when used correctly, FUBAMEX has the best and most long-lasting effect.


It's never too late to start changing your body for the better. But keep in mind that a one-off change is not enough for long-term improvement - you need to adjust your habits and change your lifestyle for the better.

It's not easy, but it's fun, and it makes you feel better.

Our company prides itself on helping everyone on the planet live healthier, fuller lives. We hope our articles help you do that. If you'd like to see more, you can find them here.

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