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Acorus Calamus (Sweet Flag)

Acorus Calamus

This herb is used especially for various stomach disorders.

It promotes metabolism, the production of digestive juices, soothes cramping pains, and also has a disinfectant and diuretic effect. It is therefore useful for infectious diarrhoea, flatulence, lack of appetite, etc.

In addition to this, sweet flag is also slightly calming (e.g. for neuroses) and antidepressant. It also reduces asthma attacks, improves the general condition of weakened people (in old age, after illness, after surgery, radiation, chemotherapy...), in some cases it has also a significant anti-allergic effect.

Externally, in the form of baths, it is used for rheumatism, eczema, for washing wounds or as a general strengthening agent.


Sweet flag is contained in our natural dietary supplements INETHAN and EQINIL.

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