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What is the plant called elymus repens (couch grass)?

Elymus repens

This weedy species is native to Europe, North Africa and temperate zone of Asia. It is truly a weed that can be found everywhere we look. As the saying goes, it is darkest under the candlestick. And that's true of couch grass, which is a traditional medicinal plant whose effects are really interesting. Our ancestors found that couch grass helped them with kidney and bladder inflammation, gout and diabetes.

Collecting and processing of couch grass

Its rhizomes are collected in autumn, cut open and quickly dried after washing. The drug (Radix graminis), given in the form of decoctions, is hydroscopic and must be kept in a closed container. It contains inositol, potassium salts, carbohydrates, mucilage, silicic acid, inulin and various enzymes. It is most commonly used internally to promote urinary excretion, thereby accelerating the elimination of unwanted salts and reducing swelling. It also has a positive effect on fat management, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar and has a preventive effect on the liver. It improves metabolism, helps with weight loss, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, but above all strengthens the immune system and overall strengthens the body.

Due to the listed effects, our company adds couch grass to the INETHAN product.

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