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Cleansing the body with herbs

Plants have been helping to cleanse the body and spirit since time immemorial. It is not only spring that is the best time to detoxify and get rid of all accumulated waste and toxic substances. Fasts, detoxification treatments, but also herbs that are coming to life in the wild these days will help provide you with comprehensive cleansing.

Cleansing the body is good for everyone from time to time. Thanks to herbal cures, we can cleanse our blood, flush out toxins, strengthen our immunity, banish spring fatigue and last but not least, we can supply our body with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances. So let's talk about a few rules for picking essential herbs that can help you with your treatment.

Basic tips for collecting herbs

With herbs, it's similar to when you go mushroom picking. Only collect plants that you know well. Some wild plants are poisonous. For beginners, we recommend buying a pocket herb book. But if you are still unsure about a herb, don't pick it.

The important thing is to get as much of the active ingredients from the herb as possible - and this can vary depending on the time of collection. In general, the roots should be collected in the morning or evening. The parts of the plant above the ground, such as flowers, leaves or flower buds, are best collected around midday. The plant should be dry, but not wilted.

The flowers are best collected at the beginning of flowering or before flowering and can be either clipped or cut. If you pull the flower buds, you may pull the plant out with the roots and destroy it.

The roots are collected during the dormant season, i.e. early spring or autumn. This is when the strength of the plant is concentrated in them, whereas during the growing season the root is not as effective.

As a rule, we collect herbs in places that are not polluted, i.e. not near roads, factories or landfill sites. We also do not collect herbs from chemically-treated crops or gardens.

We take a shovel or a digging fork to collect herbs. We put the herbs loosely in a basket or canvas or paper bags. A plastic bag is not suitable - the herbs will steam up in it.

Never collect plants that are rotten, mouldy, blackened or infested with pests.

We process the herbs at home as quickly as we can to preserve as much of the substances beneficial to health as possible.

Collecting herbs has always been a hobby, a ritual and relaxation. We can bring home a lot of interesting plants that can be used in the kitchen and often in folk medicine or traditional cleansing.

However, we must not forget the rules of collection and that it is particularly important to collect only plants that we know. This will prevent unwanted poisoning and digestive problems.

And it is according to these principles that we always select only the best quality herbs for our products. Because only quality results in more quality.

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