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We breathe, eat, and touch mould every day. Some is edible, some heals, some is toxic, and some kills all living things.

It is everywhere, we encounter and consume it every day. It is found in water, air, food, and even in or on human skin. Everywhere.

Some mould is useful because it produces antibiotics. Penicillin is a typical example. This antibiotic was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928, who won the 1945 Nobel Prize with his colleagues. He noticed that mould growing in a Petri dish with bacteria, was killing the surrounding bacteria. The name of the antibiotic that saved many millions of lives is derived from the Penicillium fungus in which the substance was first identified.

Many people around the world collect edible mould - fungi that are a major commodity in the food industry. Not all fungi are edible, and many fungi kill as effectively as mould, which is microscopic filamentous fungi and which has very low nutrient requirements.

Fungi primarily need moisture for their existence and growth. This is why mould is found in damp environments in old houses and often the walls are full of mould and the house is covered in it. You could say the house has been eaten by mould. In humans, mould causes infections that manifest themselves on the skin, under the skin, where it causes irreversible changes.

Fungi also penetrate into the various organs of the human body and cause very serious illnesses that are sometimes fatal.

In order to help our body to cope with this onslaught, our company has developed INETHAN which contributes to detoxification of the body and EQINIL which supports the body's resistance. The products are prepared from a unique recipe using only the best quality herbs, without chemicals.

Fighting fungus using herbs is the most natural way for humans. Compared to chemicals, the effect is slow but long-lasting and more beneficial to the body. Our products are formulated to honour the legacy of our ancestors living thousands of years ago who used herbs and mushrooms to cleanse the body and fight mould.

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