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Seminar at the Hotel Sheraton in Bratislava

The first product seminar on food supplements of the TREE OF LIFE series and a lecture on Parapsychology. These were the topics of the seminar at the Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava, where we met our friends from Club NATURAMEDICIN from Slovakia and new people interested in our products. Participants were also interested in the topics of Bohuslav Větrovský's lectures.

The meeting took place on Saturday 24, September 2022 at 3 pm. At 8 pm we parted, full of impressions and experiences from meeting very interesting and pleasant people, whom we thank for their time and favor. We also want to thank the hotel managers for their care and catering.

Lectures on TREE OF LIFE food supplements, as well as the interesting topic of the second lecture on Parapsychology, aroused great interest among the audience. Most of the participants saw hypnosis for the first time in their lives. Everyone could try the effects of animal magnetism (Mesmerism) in practice. We are already planning new dates for the cycle of educational lectures in Slovakia. We have received positive feedback from the participants, saying that they would like to come to us for lectures for members of the Club NATURAMEDICIN held in Prague.

Follow our website so that you can sign up for lectures organized by us, both in Prague and in Bratislava.

Thank you all for your participation and a pleasantly spent afternoon in interesting company.


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