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Every young baby, immediately after birth, automatically latches on to its mother's breast to suck breast milk.

This precious fluid satiates us while giving us protection from infections and other diseases. The longer we were breastfed, the more defenses we gained and gradually as we switched to a regular diet our body built up a defensive bulwark - our immune system.

Once upon a time in the distant past, when life evolved on this planet, only bacteria existed.

These bacteria were and are several micrometers in size. But despite their insignificant size, they developed an immune system against parasites and other viruses.

We humans today destroy parasites and viruses with antibiotics and other drugs. Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with a weakening of the immune system. At the same time as this use of antibiotics and medicines, viruses are acquiring resistance to them.

I believe that unless people start using vaccines and drugs that directly interfere with people's DNA, the human species as such may disappear. It will be wiped out by viruses and parasites.

If humans start messing with human DNA, creatures may arise that will eventually diverge from the original humanity. They may have different abilities and may be exploited by various groups that are already trying to manipulate human DNA.

What can we do for our immune system?

So the fundamental question is, what can we do for our immune system? First of all, it is up to us. It is about diet. We all have to change our eating habits and the diet itself. Every one of us is sinning less or more every day. Those who try to eat healthy and exercise regularly are doing good for their bodies. Those who smoke, drink alcohol and indulge in fried and fatty foods are shortening their lives.

But beware! The most significant factor that shortens our lives is the ever-present stress. Everyone of us must have heard that word at least once in our lives. But do we know its meaning?

It is originally the English word Stress and means burden, strain, pressure on the body.

And as each of us knows, every action will provoke a reaction. If you are under tension for a long time, you may have a heart attack, psychological disorders, health problems, family breakdown, death.

Based on our experience, our company has developed a product called INYANGA, which helps our body to better cope with the stress on each organ. Combined with diet modification and our other product for detoxification of the body called INETHAN plus especially with your strong will, you can manage to prolong your own life.


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