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How to use products from the Tree of Life?

We greatly appreciate you purchasing or thinking about our TREE OF LIFE products. It is a unique line of products that are maximally balanced in terms of natural medicine.

The package of each dietary supplement contains 180 capsules, which is directly related to the length of use. Each product is designed to be taken for 90 days, which means three calendar months. 90 days are not chosen at random, but it is the time needed for full regeneration of the body.

Herbs have a healing effect for our bodies, but to work properly you must take them for a minimum of three calendar months.

How to proceed with the Tree of Life series

The first thing you should do is to start taking INETHAN, which will help to start a cleansing process in your body, which will start to get rid of pollutants and other toxins.

After two months of use, add EQINIL, which together with INETHAN for one month will help cleanse the body and at the same time strengthen the immune system with the lymphatic system.

After taking EQINIL for 60 days add SHAYA if you are a woman and if you are a man start taking DELWEX. Both products, will help you in the regeneration of the genitals and urogenital tract.

And again after 60 days of taking DELWEX or SHAYA you add FUBAMEX which will help you to regulate your body's metabolism.

Finally, you can help to calm your mind and gain psychological well-being with a product called INYANGA, which helps to increase our body's resistance to external influences and contributes to refresh the body and Soul.

It is important that when consuming our products you take care of a proper healthy diet and follow a drinking regime.

Again, I remind you that if one uses herbs to help restore their strength and health, they must be used for a long time to have an effect on our health.

People often put off herbs and use chemical medicines that will help very quickly and effectively indeed. Unfortunately, the immune system is not happy about this. Herbs help slowly and in the long term.

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