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Our food supplements are composed of the highest quality ingredients. They actively support the body's natural immunity, they are beneficial for our immune and lymphatic system.

Immune system

Mankind has evolved over millions of years. It adapted to the surrounding influences that affected the human body by creating a defensive wall that fights foreign elements. This defensive wall is our immune system.

Tree of Life products are composed of such herbs so that they quickly and purposefully help boost immune system.

Regeneration of the organism

To keep our immune system in best possible condition, we must strengthen it with quality diet, self care, exercise, relaxation and meditation.

Our food supplements contain high quality ingredients that will help you boost you in boosting your immune system and in regenerating your organism.

Natural supplements

When compiling the herbal formulas for our products, we decided that we would base our recipe on the four directions of perception of nature that shape us and affect us in the cycles of our being, revival and destruction.

The four basic spiritual directions and principles - the natural elements, the senses, the factors and the elements - form the main idea behind the recipe of the Tree of Life food supplements.

Adaptogenic herbs

Our herbal products contain adaptogenic plants and fungi that have already been known in traditional Chinese medicine or Indian Ayurveda.

Adaptogens slow down the aging of the body, have an antioxidant effect, support biosynthesis and they improve the condition of the hormonal system.

The products of the TREE OF LIFE series are based on the opposite principles of Homeostasis and Apoptosis.
The synergy of these products has a beneficial effect on your body.


The meaning of the word homeostasis means the automatic maintenance of the value of a quantity at approximately the same value. Living organisms have the ability to maintain a stable internal environment, which is a necessary condition for their functioning and existence, even when external conditions change. Which is very important. Here, it is clear how adaptogenic plants and fungi in our food supplements can significantly help to regenerate the body. The important fact is that we have compiled recipes for our food supplements in order to help eliminate unnecessary or damaged cells in the body. This is a programmed cell death called apoptosis.

In many cases, apoptosis can be seen as a positive process that the human body reaches during its development. Damaged cells, for example, die apoptotically, either because of the cell itself deciding to die, or through the cells of the immune system. Impaired apoptosis can cause a relatively wide range of diseases in humans. For example, if cells divide faster than they die, the tissue proliferates excessively and tumors form.

About homeostasis

Excessive apoptosis

Excessive apoptosis is associated with diseases such as AIDS, aplastic anemia, various degenerative neurological disorders (Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease), type I diabetes mellitus, Hashimoto's goiter, chronic neutropenia, ischemia, lupus erythematosus, myelodysplastic syndrome, some liver failure, spinal muscular atrophy, ulcerative colitis, a wide range of various developmental defects or Wilson's disease.

Insufficient apoptosis

Insufficient apoptosis essentially means that tumors or autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, may develop. It is a key factor in the following diseases, for example: autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (Canale-Smith syndrome), type I diabetes mellitus, Graves' disease, hypereosinophilic syndrome, Hashimoto's goiter, leukemia, lupus erythematosus, various lymphomas, osteoporosis, some solid tumors and neoplasias and also developmental defects.

About apoptosis

Bohuslav Větrovský

Expert consultant in natural medicine and member of the board of directors

Our food supplements were developed on the basis of a recipe by Bohuslav Větrovský.

Bohuslav Větrovský turned his knowledge and experience in the field of natural medicine, herbalism and other techniques into quality food supplements that respect all directions of faith and at the same time scientific discoveries.

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