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What makes our dietary supplements unique?

Our company was founded to give us the opportunity to develop and market premium natural dietary supplements worldwide.

Bohuslav Větrovský, an expert advisor in natural medicine and member of the Board of Directors, is at the origin of our dietary supplements. He has put all his knowledge of natural medicine into the product formulas, which he has acquired during his thirty years as a natural medicine healer.

The result is a completely unique line of products - six natural dietary supplements - which bears the name Tree of Life.

Why did we decide to develop a completely custom line of dietary supplements? The reason is that there are no similar products on the world market that would help solve the health problems of all people with such intensity as our supplements in the long term.

There are a total of 6 dietary supplements in our Tree of Life range:

  • INETHAN for detoxification of the organism
  • EQINIL for strengthening the immune system
  • SHAYA for women's body regeneration
  • DELWEX for men's body regeneration
  • FUBAMEX for weight management
  • INYANGA for inducing psychological well-being and reducing chronic stress

All packages contain 180 capsules for 90 days of use. Take 2 capsules daily, morning and evening before meals, with cold, still water.

Our dietary supplements are proven and effective. We are proud holders of FDA and TÜV certificates.

In the following sections, we will describe what makes Tree of Life a completely unique line of dietary supplements.

High quality ingredients

By far the most important aspect of our dietary supplements is the quality of the ingredients from which they are composed.

All of our supplements are 100% natural, the formulas contain only herbs and mushrooms with proven effects

We travel all over the world for the ingredients in our products. We use only the highest quality herbs from the most reputable suppliers. We do this because poorly grown herbs are not nearly as effective and our products would not work otherwise.

For an overview of the herbs contained in the products, click on the "Ingredients" button on the individual product pages (see product list above).

Synergy of herbs

In addition to using the highest quality herbs and mushrooms, we also combine them according to our recipe for maximum synergy and the longest lasting effect.

Each of our 6 dietary supplements is made up of 6 or more precisely dosed ingredients that together form a unique combination with an intense healing effect on the body.

In natural medicine, the combination of ingredients is as important as their selection. That's why we've designed our formulas so that the individual herbs and mushrooms work together to create a complete, premium dietary supplement.

Synergy of products

Just as the many ingredients within individual supplements support each other, the individual supplements within the Tree of Life, our product line, can be combined in the same way.

Each dietary supplement in the Tree of Life has its own effect. But by combining them, you get even more than by consuming one supplement alone.

For example, for regeneration and cleansing of the body we recommend combining supplements SHAYA and INETHAN for women, DELWEX and INETHAN for men.

But the best combination is the combination of all the products within the Tree of Life as they go in sequence: INETHAN, EQNIL, SHAYA (for women), DELWEX (for men), FUBAMEX, INYANGA.

In this case, one should always take one supplement for two months, and on the third month of taking the supplements, add the next supplement to it at the same time.

Taking the entire Tree of Life from start to finish looks like this:

  • Step 1: INETHAN for body detoxification (Month 1 - Month 3)
  • Step 2: EQINIL for the immune system (Month 3 - Month 5)
  • Step 3a: SHAYA for women (Month 5 - Month 7)
  • Step 3b: DELWEX for men (Month 5 - Month 7)
  • Step 4: FUBAMEX for weight loss (Month 7 - Month 9)
  • Step 5: INYANGA for psychological well-being (Month 9 - Month 11)

With this complete combination you will achieve a comprehensive regeneration of the organism. Our dietary supplements have effects that are unique on the market, which you will notice most when combining them.

Unique effects

During the development of our products, we had two main functions of the human body to focus on: homeostasis and apoptosis.

Tree of Life supplements have a beneficial effect on the body, keeping it in balance and thus allowing it to start and maintain its self-healing processes.

Our products also affect the rate of apoptosis (a form of programmed cell death), keeping apoptosis within normal levels and helping to prevent diseases that can result from excessive or insufficient cell death.

Clear and simple system

If you want to improve your health with the help of natural medicine, our products are the easiest way for you.

Of course, these are only dietary supplements, so for the complete effect you also need to eat and drink within normal limits, maintain healthy habits and give your body time to rest.

However, with our dietary supplements you can be sure that you are taking the right dose of herbs and mushrooms to help you solve your health problems.

All our packs contain enough capsules for 90 days of use. This is because natural medicine treatment is a long-term process, and herbs do not have the proper effect if they are not taken for at least a few months.

In the next article, we will look in more detail at natural medicine and how to apply it for healing and regeneration of the body.

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