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Strengthen your immunity the natural way

Quality sleep

We mention sleep in many of our articles because we know how important it is for our bodies. If you don't give your body quality sleep, you weaken it and then you are more susceptible to various diseases. This is felt the most in winter when there is a lack of sunshine, the days are short and the body needs more rest. How to get a good night's sleep? Put away your cell phones, tablets and other screens 2 hours before bedtime. Blue light from screens makes sleep worse.

Active lifestyle

After sleep, movement is the most important prerequisite for a strong and functioning immune system. If at all possible, prefer to move outdoors in the fresh air.

The important thing is to start with movement, just set a simple activity for each day. Go for walks, walk to the store, get off the bus a stop early and walk home. Try running or cycling, for example, and see what you enjoy. Swimming is also good and healthy exercise, plus it doesn't put strain on your joints. Just choose something easy to start with and gradually add extra kilometres or minutes, but it's not good to overexert yourself right from the start. If you overdo it, you won't enjoy the movement and you won't want to do it next time.


Hardening is the most natural form of immunity boosting. Plus, it costs you nothing to start hardening off in a river or somewhere in nature.

In the beginning, don't dive straight into an icy river, that would be too much of a shock to your body. Start slowly and slowly, it is important to be regular. By hardening off slowly and regularly, you train your body for sudden changes, and it copes much better with the changes.

The Finnish sauna is also suitable for hardening, as the heat removes toxic substances from the body and, in addition, warming up strengthens the function of the blood circulation, thus helping to combat cold feet syndrome. In the beginning, an infrared sauna is suitable, as it does not have such high temperatures as a Finnish sauna or a steam sauna, where there are also different aromas.

The important thing is to get started, and this is best done at home, so take cold showers instead of hot water. And try lowering the water temperature every day until you get to 20°C. Keep showering under cold water for at least 2 minutes. See how it benefits your body.

Those who toughen up are more resistant to viruses and bacteria. If you get sick, the course of the illness is usually lighter and goes away faster. So hardening up definitely makes sense and should be included in your activities.

Keep your feet and hands warm

We all know it, when it's cold outside, our feet and hands freeze the fastest. This is due to the restriction of blood flow in the peripheral parts of the body. Which are the hands and feet, they get cold first, and then we get sick. Try to keep your feet and hands warm in winter to avoid catching a cold.

Don't forget your hat in winter, a big heat leak is also the surface of your head. We recommend layering your clothes, but again, don't overdo it so you don't sweat unnecessarily. Be sensible.

Varied diet

A healthy gut is the basis for a properly functioning immunity. Up to 80% of immunity is generated in the gut, which is why a varied and balanced diet is important for our body. Sour dairy products promote friendly bacteria in the gut and prevent the multiplication of harmful ones.

Mushrooms are excellent for boosting immunity, as they contain the immunomodulating agent beta-glucans. Important sources of beta glucans are oyster mushrooms, as well as porcini mushrooms, slippery mushrooms and bedla mushrooms, and among exotic mushrooms is the Japanese shiitake mushroom.

Omega-3 fatty acids are another of the available immunomodulators that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The main sources of omega-3 are fish, flaxseeds and chia seeds. But even here, nothing should be overdone. Our grandmothers used to eat garlic for immunity support, it is a natural antibiotic, just 2 to 3 cloves of garlic a day and you will see the effect. It is recommended to eat garlic raw, perhaps as a spread, as cooking reduces its effects.

We must not forget to get enough vitamins such as A, B, C and D. Vitamin C is found in greater quantities in sea buckthorn, rosehips and citrus fruits.

It is advisable to enjoy your food and not to eat quickly and under stress. Treat yourself to smaller portions made from quality and fresh ingredients. Give your body plenty of fluids too, the recommendation for an adult is 2 - 3 litres of fluids per day.

Good mood

Relax, smile, think positive and your body will be more resilient. It is not for nothing that they say that laughter heals, when we laugh, hormones are released, especially endorphins, and they affect the human psyche.

Our body is weakened mainly by stress, and this also has the effect of lowering immunity. Give yourself a rest, avoid stress and try to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Building immunity is a complex activity and certainly cannot be done overnight. It is good to start gradually and regularly.

The EQINIL dietary supplement has been developed specifically to support the development of immunity.

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