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Our body is a very complex organism with processes that are unique.

Some of the most important processes take place in our gut, which is home to billions of microorganisms that live in the digestive system of all animals, and humans are no exception.

Often they benefit the host, sometimes they can be harmful in certain circumstances. In total, about 500 species of bacteria live in the gut, which are as many or even ten times more numerous than human cells themselves. It's downright unbelievable that there are more microorganisms living in our bodies than there are cells that make up our bodies.

These microorganisms and all that goes on in our intestines is called the MICROBIOME, or Gut Microbiota.

Besides bacteria, various fungi, protozoa and viruses are common microorganisms in the gut.

Bacteria are the dominant microorganisms in the colon by weight, and they ultimately make up 60% of the weight of the stool. Scientists have already identified over 50,000 species of viruses that live in our intestines.

The state of our gut microflora is closely related to how we take care of our bodies. Whether we eat right and exercise. If we eat fatty foods, fried foods on overcooked fats, our intestines cry and the microflora let us know immediately that we have done something wrong to our body.

Diseases arising from poor bowel function

There are people who suffer from diseases that have a direct effect on gut function and microflora. These include Crohn's disease, the origin of which is unknown. This disease attacks the body's own immune system. It attacks the body's own cells, especially the digestive tract. Most often in the small and large intestine.

Another such disease is gluten allergy - Celiac disease which, unlike gluten allergy, is an immune intolerance to gluten. When gluten is consumed, the immune system attacks the small intestine. The only treatment is to completely eliminate gluten from your diet.

Healthy lifestyle is important for microflora

As I have already mentioned, our lifestyle and how we take care of our bodies has a strong influence on the composition of the gut microbiota. One of the important factors on our gut microbiota is the use of medications, surgery and chemotherapy. Doctors and human nutritionists already know how to go about restoring our gut microflora so that we live in symbiosis with our bacteria, fungi and viruses.

If we do not live in symbiosis and we disturb this relationship, we upset the balance, which is very delicate, and it may happen that some species of bacteria that are harmless in a healthy composition turn against us. Disruption of the gut microbiota can lead to disruption of the stimuli provided by the microbes and is often associated with diseases such as allergies, intestinal inflammation or various types of tumours.

Therefore, take care of your gut so that you can live a long and active life and be happy in your family that we all love so much.

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