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What are natural adaptogens?

They are plants that, in adverse conditions, significantly increase the content of substances in their tissues that harmonize and stimulate the activity of various physical, mental, organ and cellular functions. These natural harmonizers have a positive effect, especially on the body's adaptation to stress, which is not only therapeutic but above all preventive. These include, for example, ginseng, eleutherococcus and leuzea. The effects of adaptogens outweigh the biostimulatory and immunomodulatory effects of other herbs.

It is important to become familiar with them because they are very important to our health, especially in terms of boosting metabolism and getting rid of impurities that cause many diseases.

Above all, it should be said that their common feature is their ability to stimulate the body's defences in a non-specific way and to improve resistance to every kind of stress. In this way, they help the body to adapt better and more quickly to changing conditions and possible stress loads arising from increased demands on mental or physical performance, from adverse climatic conditions, and from overcoming the difficulties that have been given the name 'civilisation factors'.

We use these natural harmonizers preventively

They have a fairly universal preventive effect, especially in relatively healthy but exhausted individuals or in persons exposed to adverse environmental influences. They increase the body's performance without introducing foreign substances into the body and without depleting vital reserves. The body's reserves are used more efficiently, while protein and nucleic acid biosynthesis is increased. They also have the excellent property of improving the general condition of the body and nervous system, cells, tissue, as well as accelerating and strengthening metabolism, including assimilation and metabolism in general. They also accelerate healing and regeneration processes and slow down degenerative processes in the body, and therefore the ageing process. They counteract wear and tear on the body, organs, tissues and cells, have a positive effect on several functions simultaneously, balance pathological fluctuations in the values of these functions and the content of certain substances in the body, or help to improve these functions.

Adaptogens also counteract inflammation. As biogenic stimulants, they have a stimulating effect not only on the physical but also on the mental sphere. This is why they are often called plant harmonisers.

They have an effect on the regeneration of the body

A number of important adaptogens are known to be non-addictive, even when administered for long periods of time. It is also quite common for them not to produce tonic or stimulating effects in completely healthy people. Their effect is mainly seen in weakened or sick individuals. Adaptogens can also enhance the production of interferon, which is an important immune factor and, among other things, slows down tumour growth.

NATURAMEDICIN SE uses combinations of adaptogens in its products so that the human body's response is sensitive and directly proportionate to the current condition of the human body.


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